How facing my emotional fears, helps me deal with Social Anxiety. Manic Monday..why is my chronic pain so bad

me on coffee cup

Good evening//morning to you.  Welcome to Manic Monday, where today I am going to talk about tackling on your fears, I have Social Anxiety and Severe Depression, and I have a debilitating pain condition.  It seems so easy to say out loud, you can do it and it could be about anything, it’s about what made you second guess yourself?  What makes this heartbreaking is how secluded you become, vs, it never bother me before  and with already dealing with stresses, I thought, well, I am going my family get together and I am going to have fun!!

When we first got there, all my butterflies went away went away and I saw how many people where there.  (Family Gathering for my Cousin who passed away 40 days ago)  I really thought that this one was going to be sensitive and it was at times.  I really had fun, I let things go for that day and enjoyed the company of my family.

The one thing though I can’t escape is my pain.  I may take another shower and just the water beat down on my muscles, so they can relax and I can go get sleep.  The best thing I can say now is be careful of your limits of pain, because once you get past the “I Got This” mode and realize you need medical help, and take a file with you regarding your diagnosis’s from your doctors, medication list, and any over the counter meds you are taking, can help speed things along.

I have a plan for this week, I really hope that I can say I got them all done this week.  Here is to having a great week and I will be posting a VLOG on Thursday, my YouTube channel is westcoastmeshfighter.  God Bless you all.

M. Hedgcoth, co founder of westcoastmeshfighter, Writer and Graphic Designer