Pain Management Update Pt2 2020

Hello & welcome to After Thoughts for WestCoastMeshFighter. I always post a disclosure claim, I am not a lawyer, or a doctor, I am a patient & everything I talk about is based on my own experiences. Lately life has been unbalanced, My pain has been so bad. Have you ever felt like no matter what you do, it will never be good enough. I think this struggle has to do with how I am feeling being so dependent my spouse & family. I also will be briefly talking about pharmacy, doctor appointments, Ebt, Covid-19 struggles.

I wanted to give an update, I am working on the next video for Pain Management update PT2. I have been struggling with getting my pain medication, however after I completed the latest audio for the upcoming video, which is in post production, I recieved a call from Walgreens letting me know my pain medication is ready for pick up, plus my pain management doctor’s office called to schedule the next appointment at the end of August. This does resolve the issue temporarily, at least, until my next appointment.

I am struggling with hives again, combination of stress & going out into the sun. Realizing this after trying everything else, to locate the source of the outbreaks, some of the medication I am on causes hive outbreaks by sun exposure. It’s in the 100’s, our air conditioner is barely working, plus PG&E are doing rolling black outs. Ours was off for a couple of hours today, which means no air conditioning, heat brings hives out too. My hands and feet usually get it the most. Hives are very painful, then pelvic & rectal pain, exhaustion, fatigue. My disability causes a lot of dependence on my family for help. It takes it toll on my family, I am incredibly grateful for the help they give me.

Hives are very painful, Red Itchy Welts. I have been suffering with chronic hives for almost two years & when they are bad, my only option is to take benedryl. I worry how long I have until I am immune to benedryl. I will be checking into all of my medication to see which ones are doing this. It’s always something and I never can catch a break.

I am working on the next Pain Management video, which is affecting our mesh community at a high rate regarding pain therapy. I am hopeful that this will change. I know I have a couple of commitments. & doing my best to get them done. I will be giving updated info regarding EBT, more on Pharmacy situations, If you haven’t visited my YouTube channel, just put westcoastmeshfighter into the search bar, please subscribe & share them, it does mean a lot to me.. Right now I don’t receive any money for them, my videos may help with experiences related to Medical Mesh Devices (*Lifestyle Plans”).

Found this online, Kaiser was the insurance I had during my revisional surgery. My doctor said it was terrible & he was not able to get it all. Having Chronic pain at the level I have it at now is not something I would wish on my own enemy. The seriousness of my pain needed to be heard, I made sure my doctors know everything that is happening with me.

Ask for changes in treatments if pain persists. Receive pain medication in a timely manner. Include family & others in decision making about pain management. Considerate, respectful care, & made to be comfortable. Given respect for personal values & beliefs. Receive information about the pain causes & prevention. Refuse, accept, or suggest pharmacological or non-pharmacological interventions. Be believed when pain is reported. Have pain relief. Be told how much pain to expect & how long it will last. Have pain prevented & controlled when it occurs. Be asked acceptable level of pain. Rate pain using appropriate scales. Develop a pain plan with the doctor & care delivery staff. Know the risks, benefits & side effects of treatments. Know what alternative pain treatments may be available.

Recently I have been featuring my new idea for “impromptu Thoughts, WestCoastMeshFighter. I am reading a lot of information on my video’s & the different ideas in the production, the name will be “Legacy West Coast Productions” w/all rights reserved for westcoastmeshfighter & it’s affiliates beginning in July 2020. It’s not anything major, just thought it was a good idea & a great place to start the next steps in my video’s.

One final thought before closing, most already know that I live in California, part of the Cal Fresh Program, is giving extra funds for much needed food & drinks for our family. If you have this benefit in your state, (formally known as food stamps), then you may want to check your card, or go to your Human Services Agency’s website to find updated information regarding this, for california, it posted on August 16th, 2020. This is just for regular Cal Fresh, not the PEBT program which happened earlier this year. I saved my card that is deposits to just in case they do this again. As of right now was just for April & May of this year.

Thank You all so much for your love and support. Until Next Time, stay strong mesh warriors.

Michelle Hedgcoth


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