Trying to find a doctor to help your Medical Mesh Complications?

Hello and Welcome to WestCoastMeshFighter, Stuck Between Two Worlds Living with a Medical Mesh Implant. I always post a disclaimer that I am not a lawyer or a doctor, I am a patient and everything I talk about is based on my experiences.

This blog post is about a new page (on my blog) that I have started, called “Medical Information”, which will feature current and updated medical doctors, specialty information, & valuable resource information, to help patients who are struggling get some much needed help, all in one place.

As a patient myself, my lifestyle changes became apparent after losing my medical team with the loss of my career. It was during those vulnerable first couple of years that I realized, I will never completely beat this. I had to take control of my medical team, make some major changes, and start a lifestyle plan. It was a long and complicated process, however now, I am getting proper care with my Primary Care Physician, proper pain management with my new Pain Management Center, and Pharmacy Care.

I also changed things I did at home too. I was extremely depressed and I lost 3 years to public insurance doctors who had no idea how to help me. One doctor just stopped treating me, a gynecologist, I never recieved any warning. Some of my medication stopped with no warning, and I was left so confused and lost. I had a care coordinator with my public insurance & A healthcare representative at the county hospital. I was so stressed out, I had a melt down and demanded to speak to the healthcare rep at the hospital, to only be told, sorry we can’t help you. Thier reason, because I was trying the back injections & they wouldn’t allow pain medication while that was happening. It took months & years to get no where, There was no step down program from being on a strong opioid medication for years, just cut off.

At first I was lost, depressed, and didn’t know what to do. The Physical and Emotional Damage had taken it’s toll. Living with this, the realization of my old life, was gone, it really took over me. Now how do I transition from old life to my new life. I filed for full disability, I knew I couldn’t work with everything that is going on. For me, getting mental health help & a new medical team starting with a new primary care physician.

My hope is that this new page on my blog will bring A lot of help to patients who are facing challenges getting medical help. I am leaving the comment section open so anyone who has medical information that could help patients find medical care, that would be amazing. Please include Doctor Name and Specialty Title, business address and phone number. I can add the information to this page, once confirmed.

Thank you all so much for your support, I couldn’t do any of this without you. Stay Strong Mesh Warriors!

Michelle Hedgcoth

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