Covid-19, Compromised Immune System, how I make changes to try to Cope, Overcome the Pandemic!

Rise above the negative!!

Hello, I am also doing vlogs on my Youtube Channel:

Hello and welcome to After Thoughts, Stuck Between Two Worlds Living with a Transvaginal Mesh Implant and all the complications that come with it. I always post a disclosure claim, I am not a lawyer, or a doctor, I am a patient and everything I talk about is based on my own experiences.

I did a Docu-Series on my Pain Management Journey, please go and check it out!!


Hello Everyone, my apologies for the time passed since I did a blog update, it’s been a long while. Life has been pretty hectic since Covid-19 started, I actually have been battling multiple infections since last November. I wanted to give everyone an update on all the things happening with WestCoastMeshFighter2020. There has been some up’s and down’s, but I am here still fighting.

First I am excited to announce that I am starting a small business called “Legacy West Coast Productions. I am still in the beginning stages to get it up and going. It will include a boutique of rare finds that I will be selling, as I have so much stuff I have collected over the years, however I no longer need so much. I lived in a 3 bed 2 bath home in Manteca, California. I now live in a much smaller home in Stockton, CA. Once I have everything together, I will be making an announcement on the launch. I am so excited to get that going. I also am working on several projects and there is never enough time for me to get it all done. I know I have made some commitments, however I Know my Mesh Community will understand that this disability does not come with an owners manual on how to cope and deal with it. Time Management is something I have always contended with & when I get sick, I am in bed not able to move mostly. I am sorry if I have let anyone down. It can take upwards to 2 wees for each video I am putting out on my YouTube Channel.


Launching Legacy West Coast Productions very soon

I am also working hard on launching the video for International Mesh Awareness Day. Due to certain restrictions with YouTube, I had to go change out some of my music selections due to possible copywrite infringement. That happens in the beginning stages of my video’s. Going back and redoing all my audio and music mix has taken some time to do.

I am very respectful regarding this issue, so until YouTube makes any changes regarding this, I will be using Royalty Free Music and have a new credits page at the end of my video’s.

I have also had to change the programs I was using before. Right now I am using the program Davinchi Resolve 16. It is such an amazing program, however to take advantage of all the free options within the program, I have had teach myself by watching You Tube Tutorials. At first it was a bit daunting, but I am getting more used to it now.

With Covid-19 & the recent protesting going on, I have had to be really careful going out during the day. I don’t want to say it’s not safe, but the truth is that we are now living in different times. I live in a city, where there are alot of people. Also, that all the recent looting and police brutality is horrifying to watch and still I am confused on several issues there. I will only say this about it, the people that have been killed didn’t deserve that type of brutality that they suffered & that thier family is suffering now. I hope justice will come swiftly for the families so they can be at peace.


(not exact brand) My doctor ordered one of these for me and within a week, it was delivered

With the long lines to get into and out of a store, I asked my doctor if I could get one and yes my insurance covered it. I am on Medicare & there are a lot of stores who let elderly and disabled go in away from the large crowds 1 hour before they open. Check out the link below for store locations that are doing this

Formal Statement:

Finally I want to talk about something I have come across maybe accidently. I feel this issue would be better addressed in a formal written statement. There is a Mesh Patient who isn’t happy with me for some reason. First out of respect, I won’t comment on his/her name, or disclose personal and private specific information about this individual or exactly what was typed by this individual. This individual has been online for years, & recently has made changes to thier social media account name. I don’t believe in minor retaliations, as it’s not a good thing to do, & it’s not my style. I try to address issues head on, however “THIS IS A FIRST FOR ME”. I don’t know how this will play out, however I really just would like peace, peaceful online conduct.

I was on twitter just browsing as my pain loves to keep me company, so I need distraction, plus I have not been extremely active these days, as you all know I have been pretty ill. This patient I am talking about said that I made a promise and didn’t keep it. I honestly don’t have any idea what it could be other than I could have offered his/her story on my blog page, which I can still do if he/she wants me too. Like I said, I have been pretty sick since last year & I have been offline a lot due to my own debilitating disability, It’s something that is important to talk about, & I felt the need to share this information and advocate for the patients who feel like they are being mistreated by their medical community. This is how I understood it, however there is always a chance I am wrong, never the less, I feel that this issue should be addressed as misunderstanding happen all the time. Once can’t be too careful in the corporate world that we live in.

First off, I would never make a promise on something & not deliver. The way the comment was posted (most now that you are limited on how many letters you can post). I do have a couple of video projects that I am delayed on, by over a year or longer, however it’s because of the new program I was using along with my music content. My video’s are getting flagged, it takes quite a bit of time to edit the video’s. You tube has been strict on this since Covid-19 started. I know I am late & I am not sure what I could have promised, I don’t recall any conversations with this person that resulted in a promise of anything. I don’t have the power to promise anything. This really bothers me, because this person feels I have wronged them in someway & I have no idea how or why?.

Understanding that I am a patient too, with major medical complications, one of which is memory loss another is insomnia. I am in no way in a position to promise anyone anything other than giving support, writing my blog & completing my video’s on my You tube Channel. I can only say this, I don’t take insinuated defamation lightly, I don’t appreciate any negative behavior against my name or my support pages. I would never do that to anyone, especially someone who suffers like myself. I have always maintained a professional standard of care, regarding behavior & conduct on my online accounts & social media.

In English and American law, and systems based on them, libel and slander are two forms of defamation of making a false statement of fact that injures someone s reputation.

Because of the discovery of this comment, I do have to express that any conduct of defamation, slander, cyber bullying, character assassination and or any other act that would show / or result in a negative light on either myself, or my online support pages which includes these names: westcoastmeshfighter, westcoastmeshfighter, afterthoughts stuck between two worlds living with a transvaginal mesh implant, westcoastmeshfighter, impromptu thoughts, & Legacy West Coast Production. Including any groups, all social media contacts, private messages, or regular phone and mail correspondence, will not be tolerated.

In the event that any of the above occurs, it will be taken as defamation, which would then become a legal matter, which is something I would never want to do, but we live in the 21st century and the world we live in isn’t as honest as I was raised to believe. It doesn’t change how I treat people, (professionally with respect), however it could protect myself and my online entities from potentially harmful online behavior against me. I do not take these matters lightly, it’s a very serious matter. Something that I have spent the last three years building from the ground up. I started by sharing my story at the advice of another Mesh Patient (Crissy) and it has resulted in so much good for patients. I would never do anything that would result in a negative light shining down on me. If what I can do will help just 1 person, then it’s worth it to share my experiences.

With that being said, I can also state that when you visit any of my pages on social media, you can expect empathy, care, consideration & respect. I may not be able to solve all problems, but I will do what I can to help. Some light laughs, and the sharing of each others experiences, so we can find a way to get better healthcare, Better Pain Management, better understanding of what we are dealing with, help more patients gets program assistance in their area where they live, where justice can be sought out. We are living in a time where being together, United is important. I feel like it’s up to us to keep fighting for our healthcare rights, right injustices, and try to live as peaceful as possible.

I thank you all so much for supporting my pages along with my blog and vlogs. I will keep doing them as long as I can.

Take care of yourselves & each other.

MIchelle Hedgcoth


Afterthoughts, Stuck Between Two Worlds Living with a Transvaginal Mesh

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