Surgical Mesh Causes Life Long Underlining Side Effects. It’s not an opioid crisis if you are a patient in need of help with pain

Hello and Welcome to After Thoughts, WestCoastMeshFighter.  I have seen a lot of information online regarding Pain Medication and The Opioid Crisis.  I have touched on this subject before in my video’s.  Before I get into this, I always post a disclosure that I am not a doctor or a lawyer, just a patient that has been permanently injured by a Transvaginal Mesh Implant.  Everything I share is based my own experiences.

The Opioid Dilema

This subject can get really daunting, especially when you have a chronic pain condition and for many reasons it’s a difficult process to go through when you have little to no support. Mesh Injuries has a way of making you feel like you are all alone.  It can be so debilitating that you emotionally shut down & check out.  I do this sometimes when things become to overwhelming.

It’s a very difficult & draining process, because if you are going through permanent damages from a Medical Mesh Device and you had to changed with it, does that make you any less of a person?  NO!  If you share your struggles, would you feel shame by your own family because you shared your story & it’s embarrassing?  Yes   After months and months of not going anywhere (social anxiety), unless it’s to the store, you finally go to a family event (family) & you feel like you are shamed & disrespected?  Yes.  All these situations has happened to me and more.  I can tell you from experience that most people don’t understand the struggles that come with having this disability for LIFE.

Most of the Patients that have gone public has had a different journey.  I don’t see anyone of us having all the same exact symptoms, however they are so close together that this shouldn’t be ignored by our Healthcare Leaders and anyone who is fighting for medical care and medications for Mesh Patients.  This has so much more to it, that I believe that if you are true to yourself, things will fall into place, however life has a bad habit coming back & reminding me that anything can happen, with or without mesh being involved.


Feeling Abandoned

There a lot of days where I feel abandoned.  These injuries cause so much damage to your self esteem, spouses have left them, family and children may not be supportive at all, the feeling of sadness when someone looks at you and says your pain isn’t real, your faking it, you are embarrassing, you don’t do enough.  It goes on and on, I read about it and some of the circumstances, I live with it.

I lost all of my teeth at 40 yrs old & my new teeth don’t fit correctly.  Just another thing I have to deal with going through this.  I don’t feel pretty anymore, it’s hard looking at what mesh has done to me.  I was in the middle of major dental work when my mesh device starting eroiding into my vaginal wall.  I had infection after infection and started to be antibiotic resistant.  I believe it accelerated the deuterating of my real teeth, causing me to lose them.

These are things that shouldn’t be said to a patient, your family member who is suffering, the miss treatment, by either Professionals or Family/Friends, yet I see it happening.  I just don’t understand and it’s mind boggling to me that it’s happening.  I don’t worry about what the negative people think.  I know my body more than anyone and when something doesn’t feel right, causes pain constantly without any breaks, & on a lot of medication, yes it’s real.  You can’t fake something like this.  My Court Case shows it all, everything & I was granted full & favorable disability, does that make me someone to not be around? Maybe, there is a big stigma going on with proper pain management care for Mesh Patients.  As hard as this is, I won’t let me stop fighting for what I believe in.  I believe in this cause and will continue to support our mesh community.

Moving Forward

It took me a long time to get myself back to some sort of normal. *like 4 plus years or so.  There will always bumps in the road, however it’s all I can do to stay strong, positive, & just get on with it.  It’s so hard to do, I don’t understand the levels of pain & how it’s possible to have pain so extreme.

It’s been recommended by my Pain Management doctor to go and see a specialist again about the colon pain I am in.  It’s already a very private & sensitive area, yet they want me to go again.  I also have appointments with the allergist and the dermatologist this month.  I will update here on my blog as soon as I have been seen and advised.  It’s a process of knowing our healthcare system & what road to travel down.

It just seems like I am battling all the time, with doctors, with family, it seems like it will never end, that is something else I have to contend with.  I have a lot to do and hopefully I can just get through it & come out with something positive.

I want to thank everyone for supporting my blog, vlog, & my social media connections for Mesh Awareness.  I appreciate you love & support.  I wanted to write this blog to share that if you are experiencing any of the above, you are not alone even though it happening and hurting so many patients.

Many Blessings to everyone & until next time, stay strong mesh warriors.

Michelle Hedgcoth

Founder: WestCoastMeshFighter

No copywrite infringement intended.

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One thought on “Surgical Mesh Causes Life Long Underlining Side Effects. It’s not an opioid crisis if you are a patient in need of help with pain

  1. You are awesome. I’ve been dealing with my mesh mess since severe allergies and in fictions started in 2006. You hit on most of the ailments I endure daily including the loss of my teeth… I couldn’t believe it when I read your blog. I’d love to do more for mesh awareness, just don’t know where to begin.

    Thank you very much for your words. You’ve made me feel not so alone.

    The best to you


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