WestCoastMeshFighter Celebrates 2yrs.

Hello Everyone, Welcome to Afterthoughts for WestCoastMeshFighter!  As Always I post a disclosure that I am not a lawyer, doctor, or representing anyone, I am a patient and everything that I talk about is based on my own experiences.

My new blog layout Is still under construction.  There is still a few area’s I am working on, to still be able to bring together all the content that my prior blog layout had & my blog posts should be appearing on my new page “From the Desk of WestCoastMeshFighter”.  On, this new page, should mirror my posts, along with social media links, video, photo gallery and some of my recent posts.  You can also access some these items in my foot as well.

I have also added 2 additional pages, The Mesh Chronicles & #MeshHacks coming soon.  My goal is to become more interactive with Mesh Patients who are writing thier story’s, sharing experiences.  I already follow several amazing blogs and would like to follow more.  I have always found it comfortable to write out my experiences, do vlogs, & connect on social media.  Getting in front of a camera, speaking directly, still working on that.

I do hope everyone finds this new layout helpful.  I will be adding more content in the following weeks to come.  Summer is here and I can’t wait to try out some of my idea’s that could help mesh patients cope with underlying side effects because of a pelvic mesh device.

WCMF Blog header 6 2019

Thank you everyone for your continued support, I couldn’t do any of this without you all.  There is still one more Vlog for Pain Management, I am working with new software that has set me back a bit, however I will still get it posted soon.

If by sharing my story helps just 1 patient or more, it’s worth it to tell.  It’s been a hard road since my surgery, somehow I am finding the strength to try to rise above the obstacles.  Until Next Time, Stay Strong Mesh Warriors.

Michelle Hedgcoth, Founder: WestCoastMeshFighter
Blogger/Writer, Graphic Designer, Mesh Awareness Advocate & Humanitarian
Everyday may not be good, but there is something good in everyday. 6227ff8d-d35c-4280-940c-b7e3a096f6aa

WestCoastMeshFighter 6-7-2019

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