Upcoming events, updated blog site – living with a Pelvic Mesh Device


Hello and welcome to WestCoastMeshFighter, Afterthoughts.  There are a few updates coming soon.  First I always post a disclosure, I am not a lawyer, Doctor, or anyone representing a professional, however I am a patient and everything I talk about is based on my own experiences.

First, I am still dealing with hive outbreaks and I see my Internal Medicine, Allergist, and Pain Management alone with my regular appointment on Tuesdays.  It’s going to be a busy week, however this Thursday I will be wrapping up my Docuseries  on Pain Management.  When I first Started it, I had no idea it would lead to becoming 6 parts.  If you haven’t checked out my Vlog, on my YouTube Channel, please do there and watch them.  I discuss in depth, my Journey to Pain Management.  If you have any questions, please message me.   It would really help if you like, comment and share them.  Thank You so much.

I will be starting more new series content in the summer months.  As we come closer to summer, I wanted to focus on medications that can affect you if you are out in the sun.  With me continuing to get hives, I have to stay in a temperature controlled room.  Not to hot and not to cold, I start to feel sick anytime this happens, with the heat, I swell and with the cold, I cramp up all over.  Along with battling UTI’s, Bacterial Infections, etc.  The pain is never ending, however we have to live as normal as a life as we can.

The first is called #MeshHacks, featured on my Instagram & Twitter platforms, westcoastmeshfightet.  I would love to hear about different things we can do in our everyday life, if you submit your mesh hack, then i will feature it in a slide show with credit to you.  If it may help a mesh patient at home, this would be a great idea on how to share the information.  The next is going to be called “The Mesh Cornicles” which I will be posting on here on my blog.  There are so many experiences that I have gone through before I made it to where i am today.  There are so many highs and lows, I still have very hard days & knowing that there are 100,000’s of Mesh Patients worldwide that suffer because of a Medical Mesh Device, I hope by sharing my Journey, it can help someone.

I am still brainstorming a third idea to explore.  If you have any suggestions on what my next topic should be on my next blog or Vlog post, please email them to me at westcoastmeshfighter@gmail.com.  There are only 1, maybe 2 more vlogs left on my Pain Management Series, please visit my YouTube Channel, put westcoastmeshfighter in the search field and it will come up.

There are so many idea’s that I have, as long as it’s helping patients, I will write or vlog about it.  Thank you all so much for your continued love & support.  I just recently lost my little LuLu Luna, (pictured above) she was a feral kitten from next door, we rescued her after her sister was killed.  I have no idea what happened to her, she passed away in my arms.

I will be publishing new content every week, so please hit your subscribe or follow me button for future blog posts.  Thank you all so much for your continued love and support.  I couldn’t do this without you all.  Stay Strong Mesh Warriors, Many blessings.

Michelle Hedgcoth, Founder -WestCoastMeshFighter


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