Pain Management Vlog Docuseries

Hello everyone,

Welcome to Afterthoughts for Westcoastmeshfighter.  I am not a doctor/lawyer, I am a patient & everything I talk about is based on my own experiences.  I have been working on the next vlog and because of the length, I am splitting it up into two videos due to the length of them together.  I am trying to keep my video’s between 8-10 minutes.  The first part should posted by Saturday Night/Sunday morning, 5-18-2019.

I am still dealing with hives.  I am on my third round of prednisone, hopefully the hives can disappear. Yesterday, i started feel my tougue and throat sore, but it wasen’t a typical sore throat.  I almost had to use my EPI pen. After taking some benedryl, the swelling went down.  I am very tired, extremely fatigued,  just exhausted and it seems like I can’t catch a break.

Please look for my latest videos on my YouTube Channel:  westcoastmeshfighter. Docuseries on Pain Management,  or my beginning video’s when i first started.  Thank you all for your continued love & support.

Michelle Hedgcoth


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