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Hello Everyone and Welcome to Westcoastmeshfighter, stuck between two worlds living with a Transvaginal Mesh.  So much has happened in this year and coming into the last part of 2018, it’s hard to believe we are 3 months away till 2019.  I am extremely excited to share some really happy news, and also what I have been doing to deal with my own healthcare crisis.  I know I have a lot to cover so I am going to attempt to cover as much as I can and it may end up being broken up into several posts, so please bear with me.

Of course, I always post that I am not a licensed doctor, lawyer, etc.  I am a patient, everything I know is through experience.

Prelude:  First and foremost I have a lot to be thankful for, as we come into the 2018 holiday season, I see more often, families breaking apart because of Mesh Implant’s Serious and Severe complications.  Spouses have left thier partners, family’s have a hard time believing and understanding that what we face everyday is real and I have such a hard time understanding how family members could do this to someone they care about, leaving them virtually alone to cope & deal with it.

I am expressing my sincerest thanks, my family, friends, and every mesh patient who supports what I am doing.  I call it like I see it.  Most of these life threatening side effects don’t present until after you have had a mesh implant surgery, revisional surgery, and even full removal surgery.  Patients are still suffering the long term affects of having this complicated surgery.  As I look back to 2009 when I first was given this option, I truly believed my doctor was trying to help me, the problem was they believed the manufactures and was still pitching the surgery to patients without investigating further what this may do to a patient in anyway.  They are still being offered to patients today.  How can this be?  How is it this is happening?  ( we can come back to this at a later time)

I have to say a special Thank You to my family, friends, and Mesh Supporters, that supports my Entire family. (we are a family of 7).  I grew up with a lot of emotional and some physical stress and I did my best to not let it define me.  I used to feed into things, and somehow my Mesh Journey has brought me to a higher level of content, more aware in my own personal life, and seeing my kids going through thier young adult years.  Its already difficult raising kids in todays society, now that I am disabled, it’s put a large strain on my family, as it would to any mesh patient.  Marriage, children, & life.  How can a Mesh Implant do this??? ( Definitely need to come back to this).

Thank You!!For your Support

Update on Medical Status:  Recap – In January of 2018, I was diagnosed with a bacterial infection (unknown origin).  My symptoms were accelerated pain, multiple infections, antibiotics, at least 2 before my cruise, extreme fatigue, multiple doctor appointments, emergency room visits, it just seems to never end.  After the I got back from my 1st Mesh Retreat, Cruise to Ensenada, Mexico, I started to break out in Hives.  All the steps above repeated, however adding onto to this, New Pain Management Doctor, Allergist, along with updated labs etc.  I am still dealing with hives, however not as bad as before, they just slightly appear and disappear.   It’s has been such a challenge dealing with them.  It shows that I am becoming more immune to medications, diligence on my medical care is so important.

I am also currently trying new home remedies to help, oatmeal bath, (cool), homeopathic oils, relaxation techniques, and I will do another blog post on more specifics (so we can revisit this too).  I will also go more into my Emotional Therapy Journey and be able to discuss more personal situations, and how I am coping.  I can say from the bottom of my heart that I have experienced a lot of heart ache, not just by the medical industry, but personally too.


Deb & I at the 2018 Mesh Retreat on the Carnival Cruise to Ensenada, Mexico

I had no idea what to expect once I arrived on our Mesh Retreat Cruise, (4/30 to 5/4, 2018).  It was better than I could have imagined, I was able to meet some pretty amazing, strong Ladies, everyone, has had a struggle with serious medical conditions, just like myself.  It was during this trip, the continuation of my purpose started to reveal itself, something I have been wanting to do for so long, and that is to help patients by way of either starting or becoming part of a Non-Profit.  I had no idea that by the end of the Cruise, the planning started.  With all I have endured, I know first hand just how hard days can become.  Patient support, better healthcare options, and aiming to have Mesh Implants Banned, not just here but hopefully world wide, as this has impacted 100,00’s of patients worldwide.

We are at a turning point in the what is being recognized as “The biggest Product Liability Scandal of our time” that has led to multi million and maybe being in excess of over a billion dollars related to Lawsuits file by patients against the manufacturers, having some Mesh Implants taken off the market, now that is publicly documented that the FDA’s 510k process is how they ended up on the market to begin with.  *NO HUMAN TESTING, Biofilms, Polypropylene Plastic Mesh Devices should never have been put in humans, told to me by my Urogynocologist that did my revisional surgery in 2013.  Sadly he couldn’t get it all out, so I still have some left inside.


There is so much we still don’t know about the extent of damage these dangerous devices have & will continue to impact Patients, thier families, friends, & over the rest of thier life.  We are starting to see some of the lifetime medical hardships come to light, including death.

Having unreversable lifetime complications that are very aggressive and relentless has me looking foward.   I have seen already circulations by way of Social Media, that time to file claims for compensation from the Manufactures are slowly starting to close and so many patients who are, in my own opinion, are being robbed of their financial stability they once had before having the surgery.  It’s a very complicated process, so I always would recommend seeking legal counsel soon.

I have said this before in my prior posts, that yes I have gone through the settlement process.  I opted to participate and accept my settlement offered to me, as I was advised by my Attorney that I can accept or reject it.  Here is the thing, if I decline it, I would have had to find another attorney.  If anyone who has been through the judicial system knows, that a lot goes into just being involved in a lawsuit.  Also most are put into a category called “Class Action”.  This is not at all like a private case with your own counsel, where you can actually stand a chance to get a real amount for the life that was stolen away.  At that point, I was in a vulnerable place, not just emotionally & physically, but financially too.  I didn’t have long to decide either.  I had about 60 days and there were stipulations too.  I accepted, something in my gut just said do it.


I knew that money was only a piece of this, what about what comes next?  This is the turning point I was referring to before.  I settled my case back in 2013, however I still have my current medical status working against me.  I then shifted my full focus to filing my permanent disability case, and just trying to cope with continued medical complications.  After 3 years of dealing with the disability court process, I finally was able to go to a Judge and present my case in person, with my Disability Attorney Representing Me,  (recommended), (June 2017).  I didn’t find out the answers until December of 2017, when my award letter arrived, fully and favorable Disabled.  My medical history, the complications, and so much more showed for itself.

As I start the next chapter in my Medical Mesh Journey, I am really hopeful and confident that positive measures can come from helping other patients who are suffering.

In a world that

I also have participated in a special project that right now I am on pin’s and needles about, but when I am able to post and discuss, I definitely will.  Life has an interesting way of showing you your strengths and weakness’s, but recognizing growth is important.  I know I want to make a difference and I can’t wait to share with everyone up and coming events in regards to Mesh Awareness Pacific.  Please go and check out our Facebook Page for up to date information on Our Non Profit.

I want to be clear on this, We, Deb and I, stand together with our Mesh Community around the world, medical professionals, & before long, we may be seeing more organizations coming out and with as many patients that are suffering right now, help is needed in any way.

We have heard that a misconception of what we are doing has been launched and I have to say that saddens me, because with all the suffering that is currently going on, why would anyone slander and Character Assassinate a mesh sister for wanting to help others.  In this world, Money will always have some sordov factor, that is just a fact.  Excepting things for free, that cost someone money out of thier own pocket, is wrong & then when your not directly involved, continuing to defame & slander/assassinating thier character, and just overall committing hate crimes is wrong, & something we will not tolerate. 

We stand with our mesh community, medical professionals that specialize in helping patients with Mesh, and with our Fellow Mesh Organizations Worldwide, there is so much help that is needed.  We are not divided like it’s been speculated and we only want to follow through with what we have started.


Thank you all so much for your continued love & support, I couldn’t do any of this without you all.  I will still being doing my blog, Facebook page, and My YouTube channel for Westcoastmeshfighter, however I am in the process of adding MAP to my Twitter and Instagram account.  I am really excited for what is to come and I know that together we will achieve our goals and help our Mesh Community.

MAP Executives: Deb is the President, Founder, and CEO & I am our Co-Founder, Secretary, Public Relations Representative, Graphic Designer & Senior Editor, etc.  All my graphics designs are Orginal to West Coast Mesh Fighter and now Mesh Awareness Pacific.  If anyone would like to use my graphic’s please contact me as some of them have a copywrite.

I am starting a Comic Strip Called the Adventures of Sox and Scout.  Its something I am doing on the side, I have always wanted to do one and we have 2 new additions to our family, Sox and Scout.  My daughter’s Cat Scout came from a litter next door and Sox just showed up on our front porch and I fell in love instantly, and so did my husband.  Please stay tuned for the launch date and publications.

Final Note:  In the beginning of the summer I announced that I would be doing a bracelet giveaway.  This just temporarily got postponed due to illness, however it’s back on and I will release how to qualify fairly soon.

Thank you all again so very much for your continued love & support, I can’t say this enough, please if you find yourself struggling, or know someone is, please feel free to reach out to me or Deb, We will do whatever we can to help.  Take care everyone and remember, we never know what tomorrow will bring, so please hug your loved ones, live life honestly, compassionately, and be there for each other. Unity is Power, Blessings and Love to everyone.

Michelle Hedgcoth, Founder for Westcoastmeshfighter,

Mesh Awareness Pacific: Co-Founder, Secretary, Public Relations Representative, Graphic Designer, Social Media Rep, & Senior Editor






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