Staying inspired, determined, and motivated while battling underlining conditions, while living with a Transvaginal Mesh Implant!!!

Hello everyone and welcome to westcoastmeshfighter, Afterthoughts, stuck between two worlds living with a Transvaginal Mesh Implant.  This month is disabilities awareness month, I will add the links at the end of my blog, showing March & April causes coming up.  It’s hard to believe we are almost done with March and ready for April, time is flying by so fast.  I have so many idea’s that I want to touch on, but of course I have to put a disclaimer, I am not a doctor, medical or a legal representative, I am just a patient who lives and suffers with ongoing underlining complications, still living with mesh complications.  Sharing my experiences for the sole purpose to help support mesh patients & their loved ones.

Oh my gosh…. I have so much to share with all of you, the last couple of months have been really hectic, but we are getting our baring’s together in my camp.  I keep reminding myself, I can do this!!!  Without further do… I wanted to blog today about a couple of things, first I want to extend my thanks and gratitude to everyone who supports my Journey with my Blog.  For so long I felt alone in this battle with my Mesh Implant, until I met someone who inspired me to start this and sharing my Journey with all of you.  Most everyone knows just how amazing she is, I owe coming out of my social anxiety shell to her.. Mrs. Christina Lynn Brajcic, (Chrissy the Fab).  It has opened doors to meeting amazing Mesh Brothers and Sisters.

It was her inspiration & bravery to publically advocate for mesh patients that helped westcoastmeshfighter come to light.  Chrissy you are loved & missed so much.  Ok, wiping tears, I also wanted to Announce that pretty soon, I will be giving out some, One Of a Kind, westcoastmeshfighter support bands, with some other goodies.  I personally designed it myself and I am very happy with how it turned out and the hope is that it will help spread awareness and draw more attention to the Patients, what we go through everyday, it’s robbed people of their life, causing illness and even death.  It has also caused several patients to sadly end their own life.  Awareness is so important, Noone should feel alone and as long as I can & as best as I can, I plan to support all causes world wide regarding the dangers of Mesh Implants, and how it’s impacting patients.  Here is a sneak peek of the Bracelets…

I added a special message on the inside, not pictured is the other side says “we are stronger together”.  I will update everyone on when the giveaway will be and all the details.. I would also like to shine a light on some very amazing Mesh Warriors who have given me a lot of personal support.  You all give me drive everyday to motivate myself to rise above my challenges, because I know I can.  I wanted to shine this light because they have been such a huge support, not just to me, but to so many patients world wide.  I see it everyday I log on, they are always there.  Mrs. Debs Abra,  Mrs. Katie McLeod, & Mrs. Candia McCullough, with Mesh UK Awareness & Jane Akre with MESHNEWSDESK & there are so many more, personal friends like Molly Campagna, who comes when she can to have a coffee and a chat with me, and I just wanted to give u all a special light & Thank you all so much for your love and support, I couldn’t do any of this without you all.

As everyone knows I have been really sick, so I wanted to share some of the treatments that I have to do when i get sick like this, it has been so long.  (highlight of my condition) It started as a bacterial infection in my vaginal wall, (back in Nov of 2010), worst day of my life… it was discovered I had undissolved stiches in my vaginal wall.  My doctor removed it and applied something to help it heal.  Every 4 weeks or so a new infection, antibiotics, pain meds, rest…the worst part (mesh erosion), which was taken out in pieces from my vaginal wall, in a regular office environment with nothing for pain, other than pain killers by prescription, then it spirals to missed time from work (3 days or more with each incident and procedure), lucky for me i was a tenured employee at my company and had benefits like Private Insurance, FMLA, Medical Leave, Vacation, and Sick pay, which mostly went to missed time at work.  This lead to harassment at work, discrimination, loss of my position at work, embarrassment, to finally having to leave because this MESH disabled me permanently, my pain never stops.  Now I have colon issues, pain all the time all over my pelvic area into my left buttock cheek.  I felt like I was being punished for something I didn’t cause.  I started down a dark and despairing path which caused me to shut down completely.

I noticed something wasn’t right (downstairs), so I made an appointment with my Gyno. (bacterial infection), 1st antibiotic round 1/ then a few weeks later it spread to my sinuses started to act up and caused a major flu/cold and caused both of my ears to plug, doctor called in an antibiotic, started to feel better, then (BLAM), double ear infections and sinusitis, on antibiotic 3, crossing my fingers this works.. I am so tired.  Healthy food, fruits, vitamins, soup and rest.  Really going back to the basics of healthy, cleaning everything, and just fighting it back as best as i can. Going to the ER was a tough decision.  I have been working so hard to take care of myself, that i forgot (again), I am not superwoman… I also don’t like going because I become worried I may get an ER Doc that is afraid of the words “Mesh Implant”.  I have had it both ways, doctors who want to help and doctors who don’t.. I got lucky, this one listened to me,  treated me, & got me home so i can rest.  My mom suggested to me lemon water to help cleanse my system out..  We are almost out of the seasonal allergies season, so hopefully I can bounce back and start my pelvic floor exercises back up again.I DIDN'T KNOW UNTIL I TRIED


I am 36 days away from my very 1st cruise and there is so much to do still.  Looks like me getting sick kicked me back a lot, but I am going to keep fighting…

There is just one more thing I wanted to touch on, this needs to definitely be a topic amongst us and that is respect and proper edicate towards each other.  I have seen some very mean and hateful behavior online and I know I don’t stand alone when I say that it’s extremely inappropriate and it sends a bad outlook onto the mesh patients, advocates, that are trying to do good for others. Slander or attacking another mesh warrior isn’t ever ok.

We are all suffering in our own way, and I know there are a lot of mesh warriors that are doing well too, after a full mesh removal surgery and that is awesome, I would personally like to see more patients coming out and talking about their experiences.  It’s very frustrating enough to just deal with Mesh related problems, but attacking Mesh Warriors or anyone is not ok.  Please respect each other out there.  I truly believe we have a higher purpose to help others.  #wearestrongertogether.

resource graphic design march blog post

I have a lot of topics I want to cover, but I can’t get it all into one blog post, so there will be more to come.  Please, I welcome any questions, opinions, even ideas you would like me to check on regarding mesh.  (No Judging Here)

I am incredibly grateful to everyone who continues to support me on my Journey.  God Bless Everyone and until next time…Stay Strong Mesh Warriors.. M. Hedgcoth westcoastmeshfighter, Patient Advocate, Humanitarian, Mesh Warrior and Surviving…




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