How State law, Public Health Care, and Financial Collapse limits prevented me from getting the Healthcare that I need. This is what I know. (Part 2)

Hello and welcome back to part 2 of my Navigation process in our public healthcare system.  There are so many elements that need to be said and that way you can see what obstacles I had ahead of me and how I overcame them all.

If you haven’t read part 1, please go read that first because it discusses my workplace harassment, discrimination, and financial downfall, all because I was fighting a chronic debilitating medical condition while I was trying to work and retain my job and it cost me my private medical insurance and loss of all my doctors.

Everything I have said up until this point is the truth and there is a lot more, so much more, however this is a blog and the only way I can tell my true story of 8 years with a company and my downfall in parts so that you can get the full scope of what I was dealing with and continue to still deal with today.

If you live in California and are suffering from side effects due to any Mesh Implant, it’s important to know your rights as a patient.  Yes we do have rights.. please see below

2017 new whistleblowers laws and protections

According to California Law, and my Company Policy, you can use your sick time for anything medical related and it means not only can you use it if you are sick 1 or 2 days.  I was able to use my sick time for doctor appointments, any testing I needed done, etc.  I started to not use my vacation and instead use my sick time.  I didn’t know that would make me a target for harassment from my employer, this law should be ok right??? WRONG.  The unbelievable part is that this was even ok to be allowed within my company, especially after the timeframe I had been with my employer, and I had FMLA/Medical on file with HR.  My official last day with my company was September 30, 2013, after my last 30 days no pay LOA.  I knew my company didn’t have a care in the world about me, I was just a number to them and written away.

The same month that I had to leave my company, my landlord handed me a 60 day notice to move, claiming that they were going to sell the house.  At this point, I had already received my pathetic settlement from my  lawsuit with my manufacturer of my Mesh Implant and because I was open about everything happening in my life with my landlords, (DO NOT DO THIS, IT CAN HURT YOU LATER).  Your landlord will act as if they care about you, take all your money, then throw you out, which is what my landlords did to me and to my family.

Yes indeed this happened to me.. oh that isn’t all.  My landlords hired people to come and do the front yard, without my consent, and turned off the water access to the back yard for the sprinkler system.  As a result, a tree died and the lawn in the back yard suffered.  I remember a day I had come home for lunch so the landlord could change the sprinkler system to water at least twice a day in the front yard and he proceeded to yell at me about the yard neglect, by the time he was done yelling at me and getting angry, I was crying and he continued to Mock me because I called my father for assistance.  My landlords continued to harassment me by calling my cell phone over and over and  sometimes all day long because we had a guest come in from out of town and their camper was in my driveway.  They called the police, and the city to complain because they wanted the camper removed.  If they had just asked I would have done it, but the sneaky things like that.

Another example of My Landlords harassing me and this one caused me to cease all contact with them and just deal with an attorney for them instead, was when someone I knew and was close too, lived across the street, passed away and there were all kinds of police, medical professionals, and family over there.  I was on scene first because I tried to save her life.  After the ordeal, I checked my cell phone and it was the Mrs.. Landlord demanding to know why the police are at her house.  This tells me we were being watched for some reason and I texted back it was for across the street, not my house and she proceeded to asked personal questions about the nature of what was going on and I told her the truth, but what right does she have to know what is going on at a house I didn’t live in and she wasn’t a home owner of.   My landlords were very invasive of my privacy and continued to harass me everyday until they finally retained counsel. Harassment
California state law and local ordinances protect tenants against landlord harassment. Landlords cannot harass tenants out of their homes. It might be the landlord’s property, but it is the tenant’s home. Some landlords have a tough time understanding this and lord-guilty-of-harassment-4125876

I didn’t move out until almost 5 months later and we were basically homeless for a short time until we moved into our place in a town away.  I think I had a few nervous breakdowns through out this process… They create all these protections for consumers and then fail them completely.

whew.. I haven’t even started to talk about the lack of medical care yet.. at this point I have lost my job of 8 years, lost my rental home, and my private medical insurance.  When they say Welfare isn’t the way to go.. next I will explain how a benefit through my employer that I was entitled too was canceled which caused me to have to file for welfare.  This was the worst part of it all and as I was going through all of this, my depression was created, which led to my severe anxiety disorder, not including all the physical limitations I was facing and I just shut down completely.


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