How Creative Therapy helps me coping and passing the time, dealing and living with chronic pain associated with a Transvaginal Mesh Implant

Hello and welcome to Afterthoughts, westcoastmeshfighter, where everything I know is because I experienced it and it’s the afterthoughts that keep my topics coming to talk about.  I believe in free speech, but this even comes with a responsibility.  The fact is that I am a patient learning all over again how to live and have some quality of life.  I suffer from Mental Illness, which constitutes to a number of medical conditions, so many that I will save my serious everyday symptoms to another blog post, this one is flipping a positive out of a negative and that is that I am still here and deserve life as much as any of us do.

Explanation of Titles…

I don’t know if anyone ever thought, why does she call it Afterthoughts?  If not, then great, but if you did I wanted to highlight on the why?  Before my complications started, it was almost unheard of having complications from a mesh device, let alone several of them, no one knew what to do, so unfortunately I had to suffer, and I learned going through it all and now they are after thoughts, because I am reliving it all over again to help others and that is ok, sometimes I get a bit teary eyed just thinking of it.  I know there are so many patients that are suffering and cannot get a surgery, or proper medical care, it’s so hard to see other patients dealing with far more complicated symptoms and I started this because some of the Mesh Groups are confidential and to me privacy is really important.  Some patients don’t want the complete public to know what they are dealing with.

In order to tell my story, I gave myself full disclosure for the sole benefit to help others.  I am ok with this because the only way to spread awareness is with telling our stories the whole truth whether it’s good or bad.  I hope to see more mesh patients doing the same.  Impromptu Vlogs came about because every week it’s different experiences and I usually don’t know what I am going to VLOG about until I do it, making it Impromptu VLOGS, you can find me on YouTube at westcoastmeshfighter, it will take you to my YouTube Channel, please go there and check it out, if u are ok with it, subscribe, like and share and I will notify u when my weekly Vlog has posted.  Because of time management restrictions, I only do 1 Vlog a week and with time, I am sure that will increase.   I usually do Sundays and Small Talk, and Manic Mondays, due to my medical state the last couple of weeks have been really rough with pain and it’s getting worse everyday.

Images found on google free, no copy write intended for sharing only.  if you don’t know them, I really encourage watching them, their projects are so beautiful. HGTV/

In conclusion… I have been finding projects to keep me busy and I personally want to thank Chip and Joanna Gains, from Fixer Upper, for sharing the home restorations and giving me idea’s for my home here in California.

Thank you all for reading and my prayers go out to the families affected by Hurricane Harvey and Irma.  Blessings and until next time… stay strong, stay positive, don’t stop dreaming.

Michelle Hedgcoth

Co-founder of westcoastmeshfighter, afterthoughts, impromptu thoughts, writer, blogger, vlogger, graphic designer, advocate and humanitarian. 

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