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Hello and Good Evening/Morning and welcome to Manic Monday.  It has been a very Manic Monday, my chronic pain is so bad I know it’s going to be hard to go to sleep.  By the time anyone reads this, it will be Tuesday.  I have been a bit behind lately on my blog posts.  Since I had the surgery in 2009, I started having complications about a year after my initial surgery.

It started with extreme pelvic pain attack, (that is what I am calling them), where pieces of mesh were pulled out from my Vaginal Wall and then given some medicine (antibiotic) for 6 weeks and then come back. Every time I went back, more came out and more pills, and more off work time and rest.

This went on for about 8 months, my primary urogynocologist had told me that it was all healed.  After getting a green light, it was business as usual.  Then my employer announces that our HMO plan was getting cut.  This was for the 2011-2012 Benefit year.  I was forced financially to get Kaiser HMO.  It was here that I had my revisional surgery, then months of pain medication, because the pain wouldn’t stop and still hasn’t but now I have a very low amount of medicine that I take.  The trade off has kept me in large amounts of pain.  (graphic found on google)MESH COMPLICATIONS GRAPHIC

(Graphic found online)

Since then I have tried so many things, pelvic floor exercises, numerous doctor appointments, Migraines, to pain  every where and not digesting my food properly, pain management with the county, which only did injections into the back with medication to try and block out the pain, unfortunately.   In August of 2013, I had pelvic Botox, which started the new journey down the disability road.  I still can’t believe it.

The Injections, they didn’t work either , after 4 painful in office surgical procedures, my insurance and doctors just stopped, no more covered physical therapy, no more health concerns, just nothing., I am barely hanging on with my Transportation.    I have been asking for a 3d ultrasound to locate the remaining pieces of mesh, still haven’t gotten one.   My new Gynecologist, wanted to wait to see what my new doctor was going to do and this was 8 months ago.  I hardly get pain medication anymore and I feel at anytime I could lose my life because of the pain, I don’t know what is left inside me and what is going on (with my body).  I am still confused and really need to try and get some more answers.

In the mean time, I am doing what works somewhat.  I have good days, then really bad days.  It’s been difficult, but I need to take a nap before phone calls so I will wrap up by saying, when you go to the doctor, take a file with your medical records with your diagnoses and be honest with your doctor, it should be a relationship you can trust, .  Also take your medication list, sometimes meds can cause certain things too.  Finally, grab a cup of Hot Tea in the evening with local honey, and a great documentary on wild animals and you will sleeping in no time.

Tomorrow, I will be making a lot of calls, I feel like I have fallen through the cracks and all the while, I am at home in pain.  I am grateful for my life, however what happened to I worked for over 25 years and I paid into the social security.  I filed my claim also 2 years ago and it does really feel like my chances for anything were taken from me.  Now I am lucky to get through a day.  It’s been really rough, lately having bowl movement issues and everything is inflamed.  Last time this happened, I was hospitalized for 3 days because of Opioid Induced Constipation.  Now it’s the other way, (diarrhea), and that is just as painful with Gas pains, if not worse.  The best I can do is rest at home, until I see my doctor and they can try to figure things out.

Thank you all so much for reading and until next time…. stay positive, talk to anyone in our support groups, they are all amazing patients for sharing their stories and I really want to go back to doing my special series, I still haven’t quite figured out how to post on specific pages and it seems somehow I have added another one,  so either one will get changed or I will copy the blog post to the front page and delete the 4th page.  I may have a use for it, so for now, it will stay.    I am still really new to WordPress and I have a schedule this week so I am off to the races and I will be back on Thursday for a new video (Vlog)  My YouTube is westcoastmeshfighter, you can find all my video’s there. God bless everyone and we are stronger together.  To my Mesh brothers and sisters, may the lord guide you through these difficult times.  Thank you

M. Hedgcoth, Wife and Mother, Along with my husband, I am co founder of WCMF, Writer, TVM Warrior and Survivor, Graphic Designer. 

Advocate and Humanitarian for TVM Patients

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