How Do I Find My Blog Titles?

Hello again, just a quick blog post about my titles. I try to match them up with what I am talking about in my blog,.  I noticed that I have so much to say about what has happened to me and I also try to put in a lot of time working on these blog posts, all it takes is saving lives and all my blog posts are the complete truth as I remember it happening.

My goal is to try and get financial help for families that have been displaced due to having a faulty medical device that causes damage for lifetime., with only person working, what do you?  I was a single mom, so having this happen our family was devastating.

Please join me on my Journey, I don’t just blog, I also am on social media tooo.  Once I become more familiar with other ways like video’s, etc., then I can start posting more videos.


I took close to 6 years of education in collage, received AA in Medical Office Administration in Applied Science Degree and a AA in general studies, however my goal was to achieve a bachelors degree.  Life interrupted and I had to put that on the back burner because my kids are my number 1 and as a mom, I do my best,  I just keep praying to the upstairs above and I am grateful for the blessings we have received.

Now I would like to run a non profit organization for displaced families, because one of the adults, trusted doctor’s word, that the surgery was safe and less than 10% has side effects and more and more patients are coming out and talking about their experiences,  then I start to see awareness in other countries.  Keep it going and support each other, because now it’s happening everywhere.  The FDA put warnings out on the TVM, class III moderate to severe side effects all of my side effect are nearly mirror symptoms from patients, myself included and in 2011 and originally 2008 I believe.

Chronic pain is real, having to deal with it and explain to a doctor who can’t see my pain, help me to get a test, I want to know why I have all this pain.  My blog titles usually turn into something great, it really gets my creative writing a good shine.   Everyone have a great Wednesday and until next time…

Michelle Hedgcoth, Co-Founder of Westcoastmeshfighter, Afterthought’s,



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