How organizing my days at home have helped to start to reorganize my life.

this a damn fine cup of coffeeI wanted to add a extra post about the letting go and also managing pain.  I didn’t know how to manage my pain for a long time.  It’s not good either way, but now looking back, I know that I had symptoms that mirrored Opioid induced constipation, which lead to pain, very large amounts of pain.   Most of the time, I am in a bed, and I am trying to walk a little further, but it’s been over a 100 degree’s almost every day for over a week, and it’s not looking any better this week.  😦

I know that with each challenging day, I get right back up and try again to do my routines, but for some reason, I would get off track?? This became more of a why?  I am getting there but the Biggest thing I can say is “Relax” and “Release”.  I tell myself this everyday.  To relax, I have a morning of peace and quiet, it’s really nice when the house is quiet.  This creates the very little opportunity to get up, take meds, start coffee, let my doggies out, all in 15-20 min of waking up.  After my coffee is made, my doggies are inside, I have to go and rest and wake up.

The more I am staying relaxed, the more I can release some pain away, but I know it’s a mind over matter and I really do limits to what pain level I can handle.  One thing I wanted to remind everyone, is that I am not a doctor, Nurse, or representing anyone, or any entity.   Please if you have any questions, always consult your doctor or medical professional for questions for stress reducing programs that may be available by your Health Insurance.

I am growing everyday with this crazy journey and by letting go , I am experiencing happiness for the first time in a long time.  I thank you all so much for following my blog, I am also on Facebook, Instagram, Google + and Twitter.  God bless you all and Ill be back to Manic Monday.

Mrs. M Hedgcoth, westcoastmeshfighter.


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