How I started to focus on what I can’t do discovering what I can do living with Transvaginal Mesh and Chronic Pain.

Hello Everyone, Good Evening and Morning to you and Once again it’s Monday already, well almost Tuesday.  I started last night with talking a little about Depression, Anxiety and how to just cope with all the emotions we have to face, however I realized a little too late how tired I was.  I didn’t get any sleep the night before and I went back and reread my entry and thought, “wow, look at all the spelling errors”.  Then it came to me today, just before starting this blog entry about “Manic Monday” and I thought to myself, Today was a really good day.  It really was a good day.

I haven’t felt like this in a while, happy, for just being happy.  I have to say this, I really enjoy blogging all the time.  It seems like with every week that passes by, I can brainstorm idea’s, now it’s coming to me so quickly that I actually started to journal entry my idea’s.  I realized that I would like to break up “The evolution of my Social Anxiety Disorder” into weekly segments.  It’s really got me challenging myself to talk about things, let alone think about them.  I already in just a few short months, have reached so many people, it’s extraordinary and I am Thankful for that.


I will do a little highlight on Depression and Anxiety, however I am going to mainly focus on uplifting yourself.  I absolutely am really hard on myself, for a couple of reasons, but mostly because I don’t like defeat, as in Goal setting, plans, just being able to achieve something great, my independence.  I had to realize at some point that my prior life is gone, my independent one, it’s time to create a new one.  I often use prayer as guidance, however I know that I have a lot of self work to do.

Depression and anxiety are like flip sides of the same coin, says therapist Nancy B. Irwin, PsyD. “Being depressed often makes us anxious, and anxiety often makes us depressed. “From <;

coffee cup of the week 3

I have never wanted to admit that I have a mental illness, some of the things I have experienced in my childhood, often became my drive to be successful.  Now, I am learning more to relax, unplug from devices, and start to enjoy life again.  I wish I could relax even more, well, I have to take more time out to just relax.  I find doing this to bring some support and care is what I love about all the connections, we are all checking up on each other.  It’s not easy living with a Mesh Implant, plus all the underlining side effects, pain is really hard to manage and I believe that once this was done, I faced an uphill battle, so now relax.

I added to the header The teapot and coffee cups of the week, come back every Monday for new ones.  I love how different and unique they are.  Don’t forget Meme of the week coming soon and a new video upload on our YouTube channel.  God bless all the Mesh warriors.

M. Hedgcoth co founder of westcoastmeshfighter and #tvmwarriorandsurvivorlaptopearphonescoffee

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