How learning to cope with Anxiety has led to me to finally admitting I have Social Anxiety.

Hello everyone and Welcome to Afterthoughts, Stuck between two worlds living with Transvaginal Mesh.


I haven’t been feeling so good lately and I am very fatigued and having flu like symptoms, so tomorrow calling Doc, then I can find out if I have yet another infection.  I wanted to try & talk tonight about my battle with depression, anxiety, and developed social anxiety disorder in the process.

I would like to say that I am not a doctor, physiatrist, or medical professional.  If yoou are experiencing any severe side effects, please have your doctor check, even it it’s nothing, because noone really knows how to fix us all, we are being faced with hard choices and any information I share on here is based my ongoing journey living with a Transvaginal Mesh Implant.  I am a mesh implant warrior and survivor.  I will never be the same as I was before but after 3 years I no longer will allow this disability to run me, and I really am having fun doing this.  I am really knew to this, and .

I have noticed that finding anything to do with mesh implants is really owed to the newspapers, supporting media outlets, medical mesh news desk, the Mayo Clinic, and Drug Watch just to name a few.  Thank you for providing us with valuable information regarding things that are happing world wide.  I know there are a lot more and I wanted to personally thank you all for trying to help the mesh family, as we continue to try and get these mesh devices off the market.

I know there are a lot of people fighting backand rest, But what is social anxiety disorder?  How I finally recognized the signs after a lot of repeating mistakes, I am slowly getting a handle on this, but it’s a daily struggle..


When I was a young girl I was teased, ridiculed, embarrassed , I had to deal with it and the students never got reprehended,, and they all got me a few times, people in general, some of them there were brutal and cruel.  I actually went back into my past and I was a worrier, I always have been.  I would call what they did to us, excessive.

The evolution of my Social Anxiety disorder.

I truly didn’t know that when the heart starts racing, then to hard time breathing and sometimes felt enormous hurting in my pelvic area, I reported what happened, I  it was the PD c  I didn’t know how much the feeling, ( anxious) would affect mew.  I was having my first panic attack probably in my young adult life , then migrated for a long while and now I have taken a less agressssand I was dealing with so many things. I felt helpless to the life I am ready to leave behind.   I have a really hard time in crowds, going to the grocery store and I really just stay at my home and do I will try to finish this up during the week.

Thank you so much for stopping by and please coment like or any questions, u can email at

To be cont…..

M.Hedgcoth co founder of Westcoastmeshfighter

All rights reserved,

Thank you for all your support and keep it going.. Thank you. part two of my intestions


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