Becoming a Master of my Soul!

Hello & Good Evening/Morning to everyone.  I know I said I would blog tonight, so since I am running behind on time, I will keep this blog post relatively short.  I woke up a few months ago with this idea, to connect with other people who are experiencing what I am going through. Where I am able to be able to share my stories with other Mesh Warriors and I have connections with many patients around the world.  I haven’t been feeling too well lately, however one thing I can tell you is:  Living with TVM has taught me a lot about sacrifice, not sweating the small stuff and just relax,  .

I have learned to have self respect, but nothing could have prepared me for this.  Having a mesh implant has destroyed my previous  life.  I sit in pain from the moment I wake up until I can fall asleep.  Now I am learning to enjoy life a little bit more.  Although I just lost my cousin, whom I love so much, I know he still would have tried to fulfill what he says.  Since I am all in knots, I think a late night cup of tea… chamomile and vanilla chai, it’s so awesome to be able to do this.

you can do it coffee cups

Having people I admire has  really helped me.  It’s encouraged me to let go of the negative, while holding onto the positive energy and I lost who I was for a time, but now it’s time to find me again and what makes me happy with purpose and encouragement again and started living again.  I know it will always  be a work in progress however I have faith, courage, and ambition.  Thank you for stopping by,  I love you all and I hope you can relax a little and just enjoy the moments.

Until next time.. please comment like and share down below and let me know what you think.

I am on YouTube (I am also not too familiar with it, but so far it’s great).  Now, you should be able to find me with the title westcoastmeshfighter. Thank you all and God Bless you…


images1020JTSAfeel better soon14433104_10207240244267781_8579837075783143954_n

P..S. I am going to take really warm shower tonight.  Tip:  I plug up the bathtub and let the water go to maybe a foot and add lavender bath salts, with the really warm water, it turns the boring shower into a relaxing steam room, and your feet get to enjoy the pampering.  I also play really slow type music.  I don’t have a one artist, I love all different kinds of music, however I keep it relaxing.  Living with Chronic pain is unlivable at most times and I have to learn how to relax more….

tiffany blue clawfoot tub


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