How can we kick start our week living with TVM??

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Good morning everyone, I hope everyone is well and ready for Tuesday.  I do see that I titled this manic Monday, because I started this blog last night and it took all night to get done.  I am in so much pain, that I may end up in the hospital, but I wanted to blog some of these tips.  I had a hard time sleeping last night due to pain, so I have been awake going on… a long time.  I started this blog post trying to read through the new Health care proposal to see how it may affect us, I will continue again tonight, it’s is way to long.  I am hoping to get more info regarding how it may affect us in the next couple days during my mesh research time.  It was at this point where I wanted to switch over to something a little less stressful like planning out your week.

I have to admit planning used to be nothing for me to do, but I no longer can plan out anything.  When you live with severe chronic pain everyday, it’s hard to determine a head of time if you can go anywhere or do anything, plus transportation.  The only planning I can do is my two doctor appointments a week, only because my transportation is through my health insurance to make sure I can get to my appointments, but I am having issues with anything else I want to do.  My memory slipping and in such pain levels, it makes it that much harder to focus.

I am in the process of setting up a digital calendar reminder for everything I need to get done.  I recently posted a video on Anxiety (Facebook page) and what we should explain to family and friends that are close to you and are with you daily, most important is your immediate family how important mental illness is.  Life has been so complicated I am having to slow down a bit and take it easy.  I am finding my pain levels to be really insane in the last week, mostly due to the extreme heat wave we have been experiencing.


For those of us that are on medications I wanted to mention that some of them have sun advisories.  It’s really important that you make sure you are not out in the sun too much if you are on certain medications.  I struggle so much with starting my week out, I have to remind myself constantly of what I am needing to do.  The heat also can cause pain with muscle and nerve damage.  Keep cool things, like towels, ice packs, and even a cool shower will help with keeping cool.

I will be able to blog more tonight and I may be able to get clearer info on the new healthcare proposal in the next few days, I just hope whoever has insurance is not affected or loses it because of the new healthcare plan.  I am hopeful that a foundation can be created along side with current foundations for the mesh implant patients. There seems to be a lot of patients that have become displaced and homeless, because of job loss, underlining side effects and not being able to maintain stability.  So on top of having to worry about your condition (s), we are faced without a place to live because our income is gone.  It can take up to 3 years to even get a court date to try and get disability.

I am hopeful that we can come together here in the United States, with our new President Trump of the united states, and our civil rights representatives and come up with a long term plan for those of us who can no longer work anymore and show the world how much we matter to our government. Right now as a patient, I feel like we are forgotten.  I can only speak for myself but I worked practically my whole life since I was able to at 15 1/2 yrs old.  The financial stress of not being able to pay all my bills should be a uneccessary stress, the product of mesh was pushed through a low key system at the FDA called the 510K process.  I know there are hundreds of thousands of patients, however the dangers were not fully disclosed to us and now we suffer for the rest of our life, and people are dying from this.  It’s poison in our bodies and cruel.  I feel that as a nation we can come together and help mesh patients get the support and the healthcare we desperately need, because knowing a medical device approved by the FDA injured us, or killed a loved one.

It’s not right, it’s not fair, and more needs to be done.  If our President can repeal and replace the current healthcare plan, then patients should not suffer, children and families should not suffer, and certainly the rich, shouldn’t be aloud to get richer. I know things happen in life, but this is so out of control and people are dying now, I can’t believe we are not being more protected.  It’s getting real concerning and I know if we stand together, we are so much stronger.  News media has said the healthcare includes big cuts to Medicaid, Medical, where people may pass away, children are starving, we will end up like other countries that have children starving, that shouldn’t be allowed in the United States.  I am hoping if that is the case, that should not go through.  I would really be sad if we all lost the little bit of insurance for healthcare we have left.  What the hell are we going to do then????  I am hoping we can all rise up together and stand up against mesh, corporations getting paid for faulty medical devices and we are all continuing to suffer with what we have now, we shouldn’t even be financially stressed to begin with. This is why awareness is needed for not just the physical issues, but the emotions too.

We have the right to be protected and not left to suffer the way we are.  Thank you again for stopping by and until next time…. stay cool from the heat, and stay safe in the east coast, keep your pets in doors during hot/cold days that could harm them.  Keep your children safe as well.  God bless you all!

Mrs. Mhedgcoth, Co-founder for westcoastmeshfighter

#westcoastmeshfighter, #tvmwarriorandsurvivor








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