Updates: My Blog is growing…

Afterthoughts Special Series Blog Picture

Special Announcement

Good Evening/Morning to everyone and thank you for stopping by.  I am really excited to announce two new pages.  I spent some time thinking about how my blog can grow and the typeface I was using only allowed for 1 page, so I updated my typeface to have pages added along with some cool widgets.

My first page add on is my story.  I offered to share my story with a mesh angel and the hope is we can help others by getting more awareness out regarding Mesh complications, side effects, and horrible medical care, to the public eye.  It’s a long one 8 plus years worth of info, so if you are up to reading a while, please comment and share if you would like.  If my story can help someone, I am all for telling it.

My second page is a really neat one, it’s Afterthoughts Special Stories.  I received an email from one of our mesh sisters who asked me to share this for a Mother of a Mesh Patient.  Knowing I would have to update my blog typeface, this story really inspired me to create a page dedicated to Mesh Patients, Family, and Friends.  These stories really touch the heart and are so inspiring to read.  It takes a lot of courage to even talk about what we go through, this I know for sure.  I am so thankful for the connections, online support, and courage that I see and get to be a part of.  If you have a story about mesh you would like me to post, I would be happy to do so. God Bless Mesh Angels, Family and Friends.

I was also able to update twitter @WCmeshfighter, and Instagram westcoastmeshfighter on the main page, so you can go right to it and also see what is getting posted on those sites.  Along with some cool updates I can’t wait to share.  If you have a story you would like me to share.  Please Email it  westcoastmeshfighter@gmail.com (attn: Michelle) or you can reach me on Facebooks at West Coast Mesh Fighter, all separate words.  Starting this blog has been such a rewarding experience and I look forward to reading more inspiring stories and connecting with you all.  Thank you again so much and until next time….

Mrs. Michelle Hedgcoth  co-founder of westcoastmeshfighter, afterthoughts.



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