What do you do, when your best does not seem to be enough? I know I feel like this all the time.


Today, this father’s day,  is especially rough, high pain and rough emotions.  I wanted to blog only because I haven’t  in a few days, but I wanted you all to know your not alone.  I have to keep telling myself this that although I am damaged, I am not broken.  I can’t break, I have a family with all the up’s and down’s that come with it.

There will come a time where I can completely trust but for now, I can’t completely trust anyone.  I find myself asking what happened from having not a care in the world what others think to letting it run my life.  When is it going to stop?? I’ll keep holding on and on and on. As you can imagine, life hasn’t gone exactly as the plan I had.  (watched the secret and YA RIGHT), does anyone know how easy it can happen, not having control of your own life anymore, not that you ever did, I think it’s complete bullsh*t.  I have learned the most of life in the last 6 years than ever.  In upcoming blogs, I can get more into it, but for now, remember that you are not alone.  You are who you see yourself, true self.  I know I have to continue to remind myself that you are not what people call you.  It’s your true self and with all the love, is how it should be.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and until next time…. be yourself, if people can’t accept that, than it’s their problem, you know who you are.  Being disabled isn’t easy, it’s rough, but every day I wake up, I am thankful to god.

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