How can I beat insomnia and actually get some sleep.

Lack of sleep is always a factor!  What can I do?

Good evening/morning to you all and thank you for stopping by.  I know my last post was long and had a lot of information, I apologize for it being so long.  I have really become humbled and passionate about all of us suffering from Transvaginal Mesh and all mesh products.  One thing I have notice is at least 1 or 2 a week, I suffer sleepless nights due to constant ongoing pain.

painsomnia quote

I know a lot of us suffer from this everyday and it’s difficult to explain to our loved ones why we can’t sleep with chronic pain.  I can sometimes go up to 3 days without any sleep and I am wondering why can’t I shake the pain?  It goes up at night and just slightly lower in the day time.  I have several things I try and by the time I am done, I’m exhausted.  Through Trial and Error, I always take a warm to hot shower and let the hot water just beat down on my injured area’s.  I always take a glass of Ice water with me, I noticed that I am seriously dehydrated when I am done.  It’s like being in a steam room, but really good for a lot of our aching muscles.  I drink decaffeinated tea at night, Vanilla Chai and Bedtime tea’s.  I do this about 30 minutes after I take my Nightly’s (my pills I take at night), my husband calls them Nightly’s.  I have a heating pad and an ice pack, I usually do ice first, then heat, so that I can relax and fall asleep quicker.  I always unplug the heating pad and remove it about 5 to 10 before I fall asleep.

I would love to crawl into a bed like this!!!!  🙂


comphy bed

Finally, I unplug.  Unplug???? I shut down my computer and stop looking at social media.  It’s so hard because I enjoy other stories, idea’s on so many subjects.  The internet is a huge vast of information, it’s astonishing.  I literally can get so involved with searching for information on everything I am experiencing affiliated with my mesh implant nightmare, I lose all track of time, and I end up looking at the clock thinking what in the heck happened I was just “whatever time it is in the am”.


Time management is so important when dealing with a chronic pain condition, everyday it’s a different way to get some sleep.  I think that it’s such a struggle because the pain is really unpredictable and can happen anytime.  Self medicating at home everyday, (always have a doctor check your prescriptions and follow doctor’s orders), are sometimes what we need.  I completely understand how hard it is to figure out what can make the pain go down.  Icy Hot creams help too, and a warm bath with bath salts.  I know this may not be for everyone, but I put on soft relaxing music and unplug from everything and crawl into my bed and watch a movie and relax.

I have mix match furniture in my bedroom.  In reality, I am always in my bed , in my room, so why not mix it up.

I hope these idea’s help you, self care isn’t selfish, it’s mandatory.  Thank you all for staying and reading, and I hope everyone stays safe, until next time….

Mhedgcoth, #westcoastmeshfighter, #tvmwarriorandsurvivor

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