What can we do to help those of us who have displaced because the medical mesh, disabled??

Manic Monday Rant…… Dear Settlements for Mesh Patients, Mesh is dangerous and life altering, everyone suffering should automatically get full medical and housing care for life, just my opinion!!!!. Maybe in a perfect world, but I do have a couple of things I wanted to bring to light regarding settlements and medical care. Please keep in mind, these are strictly my opinions only based on true events that I have personally observed and experienced. I apologize for the length.. focusing on one thing is difficult, If I repeated myself, I am sorry bout that.

Hello everyone, I hope everyone is having good day today, I know I haven’t posted a lot lately, I apologize, but pain has had me distracted in this last week. All of a sudden it spiked and I almost had to go to the hospital, I have been experiencing symptoms that I may have a virus, so I am trying to cope with being sick in bed. I saw this article online on medial mesh news desk this morning and wanted to revisit the topic of settlements, thank you Jane Akre​ for this article and keeping us all up to date on the status of how mesh effects us as patients, I am truly appreciative of all you do to help me and everyone with just with the information you provide. I value everyone’s opinions, so please comment below, let me know what you think about these issues!!!

I am not anyone special other than a patient wanting to help other patients cope, deal with all the legal stuff, (not a lawyer, but I feel like one), and find hope, in the wake of Medical Mesh companies finally getting dealt with as far as trying to protect the public’s best interest, finding some self worth through all the suffering that comes of this, and I know first hand how overwhelming this can become.

The Mesh industry is slowly collapsing because we all know this isn’t right, it’s criminal and cruel and none of us deserve what is happening to us, not just here in the states, but around the world too. A special thank you to all the mesh angels helping each other through this. It’s truly remarkable to see us all coming together to go up against the mesh industry, and fight for patient rights.. This is so humbling, because I don’t feel so alone anymore. The online mesh community is one of the greatest acts of humanity and kindness I have ever witnessed in my lifetime, so heartwarming for that, I love and thank you all for your love and support for me and my blog and journey. Without you all I wouldn’t have found the courage to do this.

I know a lot of you are going through the settlement process here in the states right now and probably feel like you may be in the dark about what is happening, I know I did while I went through mine. I am not afraid to talk about my journey now, like I used to be,, (I was afraid I would get hit with slander), but seeing that thousands of us are affected by the same things I am going through with public outreach, I am not afraid anymore, what else do I have to lose other than my ability to speak out to the public while I can, in regards to what is really happening with us, not what we see on TV.

I am so tired (exhausted) everyday, I can’t do a lot on my own anymore, and now I am experiencing memory loss issues (short term), on top of everything else I have to fight off within my own body. (I heard and read that the media is starting to block certain things from going out to the public). Freedom of speech should not be blocked….. This is my personal experience and I should have the right to inform others of my struggles.

It was stressful to go through my settlement because it was so new, (the lawsuits), I am guessing they thought, oh we will just do this and the whole thing would go away, WRONG!!! I am happy to see we are not going away, I felt so alone and so I had no idea what to do regarding dollar amounts, my long term care, asking important questions,any of it. I was encouraged by my attorney to settle on the fear that my manufacturer may go bankrupt and then me, along with who else wouldn’t get anything. I was still believing I could get a full removal, and when my settlement contract was sent to me, it was confusing to read and understand.

My attorney stood to take a ridiculous amount and I received less than half of what my award amount was, not enough for the rest of my life, that’s for sure. I thought “this is all I get?”, for destroying my life and I thought about how I was gong to get through this decision or if any thing else would come out of my settlement. I was on disability, then welfare and we were barely able deal with our monthly expenses.

I was just dealing with what my body was going through, my life had just been thrown into chaos, when I had pelvic botox the month before. Botox treatment (supposed to help get rid of pain, instead), my pain has accelerated to unbelievable levels. Getting 20 shots of Botox in your pelvic area hurts and didn’t help, it made things worse, is disabled me completely, NERVE DAMAGE, Pelvic fibromyalgia. (that is already sore from my surgeries and revisional), it crippled me and I was constantly calling an ambulance to go to the hospital.

I did settle my case back in 2013 and it was about 6-8 months before my funds arrived and the following year, the leftover fund paid out. I was shocked and astounded at some of the things I read in my contract and I just want to say right away that “YES”, I signed a confidentiality agreement where the name of the manufacturer, type of mesh and how much, how the dollar $ was determined is not allowed to be discussed by me I guess, I can confirm that it’s a device that was pulled off the market by the manufacturer due to is devastating dangers,
Once I feel more comfortable about it, I want to have a new lawyer look it over before I say any more about that part, however, I was told it would be based on everyone else named in the class action lawsuit, that if a certain percentage of the clients have to agree, then I could recover my settlement offer, other wise it becomes null in void, then I could be back to square 1. The pressure to decide was so stressful, and for the amount of time it took to get to that point, I was not given much time to decide at all, I think 3-4 weeks..

I did what any good catholic girl would do, I prayed, cried, and thought about it and then signed my life away not completely understanding what I was giving up. It was such a confusing time, everything happened to fast, I couldn’t believe it and just tried to go with it. I don’t say this lightly at all, because I wasn’t really given any choice other than if you don’t agree hire another attorney!!!. So I don’t accidently incriminate myself, I am sticking to a couple of things I wanted to talk to you all about that I know am able too. Please feel free to ask me any questions, if I can’t talk about it, Ill tell you, but from my understanding of my contract, only those few items I stated above. I can talk about my medical treatments and plan I have in place for myself. In later blog posts, I am trying to narrow down to specific things, that way I can see what else is going on in the world about TVM..

I just had a few concerns that I wanted to possibly have answered or even discussed. Before I get into my concerns, I have been seeing a lot of advertisements that time is running out to file a claim. I retained council, I was referred by an attorney I saw in Sacramento, CA, that I went for a free consultation for mesh lawsuits, and was referred to an attorney in TX to represent me. I have never been able to physically walk into my attorney’s office and speak with them directly, I am in California. If only I knew then what I know now….If I could only figure out if what I am saying is what is really happening to so many mesh angels. I was so independent for so long, I am struggling with that now and having to live with serious limits.

If you haven’t filed your claim against the manufacture yet or found an attorney, it may not be a bad idea to do it all now seeing as the judges that handles some of the bigger claims, multi district cases, has indicated that very soon, new lawsuit options will not be able to be prosecuted, That if they haven’t had any surgeries, they don’t qualify for a lawsuit recovery, the cases wont go forward, I’m am hoping for this to be wrong, but I have read it several places online.

They are also dismissing cases where clients haven’t had any surgeries to revise or take out the mesh, that they aren’t eligible for a settlement , (personally I don’t agree with that, the judge/or Judge that are handling the cases, had mentioned that pretty soon, he wouldn’t do anymore settlement cases regarding mesh implant patients). It saddens me because of the thousands who still have to live with it forever, they are robbed their justice. I have mentioned this in prior blog posts, definitely legal council is best. to protect your rights.

To settle or not to settle???? is the questions and healthcare options!!!

I did some research and wanted to find out why this happened, why medical care is there for some clients but not all and if I can do anything about it, seeing as I was one of earlier settlement cases and I didn’t know the extent of my disabilities at the time of my settlement process. Also, I now suffer from extreme depression, anxiety, and stress that never ends because my mesh experience injured me to the point where I don’t go anywhere without someone being with me, I can’t. My physical state is in confusion still, because for some reason that the money I paid into the system since I was 15 1/2 years old would go smoothly, from extreme pelvic pain, to mesh erosion (a year of infections, and many trips to the hospital), digestive and rectal issues, several other side effects that is private, back and spine pain, almost my entire body is suffering debilitating pain, I have had ER doctors say to me that it doesn’t exist in my body and he didn’t even have my medical records showing I only had a revisional and I can’t get a full removal because it isto dangers. The mental toll this takes is unbelievable.

I can’t even go out in public with the fear of a quick restroom trip isn’t close by, or I am bombarded with questions I don’t want to discuss, I stopped going to all family things, I just stay inside and I don’t go outside really anymore. I was very naïve to the process of a settlement, so I wanted to ask. Why are these things happening? quick settlements with no liability what so ever, even though they know it’s wrong, hurting patients, mistreating us like we don’t matter and no long term medical care, benefits getting taken away due to a paper work flops, and leaving patients to suffer in a country that claims to have your back in the event something like this happens. What happened to that??? Doctors taking an oath to care for their patients, what happened to that? Having food on the table, lights, water when something like this happens?? How do we deal with that?? Australia is calling this the biggest medical catastrophe of their time. I believe it to be here in the states and around the world too agrees and feels the same

I asked the questions to myself everyday for so long, how could these things happen in the 21st century, the more depressed I became, the more anxiety I felt trying to deal and I had no idea, that I was getting named a drug seeker by county doctors and the county hospital here or assumed I wanted to be on them because they assumed I was addicted. Doctors and staff who have no idea what it is to live with mesh complications. DO THEY NOT UNDERSTAND, PELVIC PAIN AND RECTAL PAIN, IT HURTS ALOT!!!! I have been discriminated against by our government healthcare system here in San Joaquin county too and still am fighting for my rights, I also read somewhere that the DEA is keeping track of us that are on OPIOIDS, because of the war on that. Why do patients, like myself, getting treated like this???? It feels like a punch in the stomach every time I refer to it or talk about it, knowing they don’t care about it. If I had deep pockets, would I get treated like a human that worked so hard to watch it stolen away, I don’t have deep pockets, that I can’t get the care I should be getting anyways from government healthcare, and anything I try for, takes months, to get done and It feels like you need to take a class to understand the long drawn out process to get any help at all, I felt at times I had to do their jobs for them, like get my medical records, (of course you have to pay for them $$$$$$) nothing is free about anything.

After close to 4 years of being humiliated by my county healthcare failures, I finally have private, doctors covered by my insurance, to work on a long term lifestyle plan, minima choices that can help me. Also I feel like I am being weeded out of their processes because I am told it’s not a long term benefit. My disability is lifetime, so I guess I am going to have to appeal that too, it’s like no one wants to take accountability for their part in this. Anyone who has gone through all this, more than understands my letdowns, frustration, hurt, and mental state. My mesh experience/nightmare has me so incapacitated physically and emotionally, I have lost all trust in our healthcare system. I am not the same, Ill never be the same as I was, I know that, but just because of my age, I have to fight back and make sure it’s understood, my disabilities. Like it’s not possible to be disabled at 41 and get treatment. I still struggle everyday, as the pain never goes away and my mental state is slowing coming back, but destroyed with healthcare options, someday it’s manageable barely, to do anything at home and some days I am in bed, my emotional, worried, clouded mental state of confusion, i am still struggling), has me second guessing myself all the time.

Around the time I had my settlement option, I was in the process of losing my home, just lost my job (ran out of fmla/medical leave) in California, and since my employer was “at “will”, I had to resign, however, it’s marked I am hirable, should i ever be able to go back to work (not possible) and I was dealing with legal custody issues with my ex husband regarding our kids too. (I won that case). I see woman getting million dollar settlements for the same things that I and probably many others are going through right now as far as side effects go. This leaves a ? mark on this….

How is it that most of us are in a multi district settlement options, and others are getting private attorney representation, If we settled under the impression that our manufacturer may go bankrupt and (manufacturer didn’t), and u were urged to settle or you may get nothing at all, can this be amended or changed to include necessary medical care, and other life needing treatments. Is this ok to do to a client, deny liability, who is going through the emotions of their prior life being ripped away and is broke, with little to no help from our government? Then having medical insurance companies putting a lien on your settlement and offset a dollar amount, that’s another thing, if you paid your premiums for insurance while you were working, how is that entity (insurance companies).are able to go backwards and get money from your settlement. How can this be???? We as clients/patients, end up with a dollar amount that is an insult, at best, which with all we lost as patients, we get robbed financially too. Yes, it’s being allowed, and it shouldn’t be, I feel like this because I am a patient, not a victim By the time we get our money, there is hardly anything left, not enough for the life that was robbed from us. Not able to afford proper doctors and medical care. 70% of all income is gone now, while we wait years for social security to go through their process, what do we have left to lose? State assistance doesn’t even cut it. Especially if you have children you are raising??? How are going to take care of them and their needs that were robbed too?? All of this and more are questions unanswered and we are left to suffer through the cracks of our healthcare system. This is actually how I feel.

I know when money is offered, we are so distracted, emotionally damaged that we say yes, not knowing that we are hurting ourselves in the process but then the sacrifice is we give up our rights as patients because we are broke trying to live through it. I read that we do have rights as patients, why aren’t doctors obeying it, or even caring about their patients anymore and I am in CA. It’s so bad… 😦

Trying to start over is so hard, it’s taking a lot of strength, hope, faith, and guidance, To our mesh angels here and around the world, you have given me hope that if we speak out against mesh, tell the truth, we are setting up to help others who are suffering physical and mental/emotional damage from dealing with it all, Mesh kills your dreams, they can a become a reality again, there are mesh angels far worse than I could have imagined.

negan I will shut that shit down final

The questions/ thoughts about this are valid, because we are not getting the care we should, and you have to be rich in order to things you should and not have to worry about the care not being there. I think these are relevant because most of us qualifying for settlements deserve to know, also everyone who is trying to settle or get help to possibly get help resolve you situation, and also that u are not alone. I am sorry this is so long, but I wanted to talk about it. My hope is that all mesh devices are pulled off the market, indefinitely. it’s a difficult road we all face every day, but don’t give up. We are stronger together!!!! 🙂 God bless you all. Thank you for your comfort and love from the bottom of my heart. M. Hedgcoth, #westcoastmeshfighter, #tvmwariorandsuvivor

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