How have I gotten this far? So happy to announce we finally have……


Good evening/morning to everyone!  It’s been a really rough week, and during my down time, I started to do research on what is going on regarding Transvaginal Mesh Implant news, cases, and any updated shows and/or services, sadly I haven’t found any programs here in my county that helps disabled citizens.  As I continued my research, I have read so many stories about the nightmare has caused them.  I notice some patients even have it worse, horrible and awful, and I thought about other causes that I can show support too. I immediately went to work on the ribbon and I have two design I will be using,

One thing I noticed that stood out and made me think OK?  I know this is hug coincidence, however both cervical cancer due to elevated HPV and also anxiety awareness both a teal type color in the same color palette I picked for my logo.   It just so happens to blend very well with the colors I have picked.

As I started to design everything, I noticed all the colored ribbon and causes.  Just to be sure it was ok to create and use the ribbon to represent my support for Transvaginal Mesh patients, family, and friends who can give support to patients all across the county and also around the world, and the answer is YES.  Anyone can do it and I read on it, it doesn’t need to be registered either.  I picked ribbons that I currently am suffering from, and I also wanted to show my love and support for all chronic pain patients around the world.  I myself suffer from anxiety, depression,  fibromyalgia (2007) and debilitating chronic pain condition that you cannot see but I can feel it.


I am very excited to see where all this goes.  I have been suffering from fatigue syndrome for the last few days, my apologies to you all.  I am catching up everything and will have a vlog coming on an excellent healthily dinner you can enjoy,   I also know that other underlining side effects/conditions are coming out because the plastic shouldn’t have gone into us.  We suffer everyday for the pain we suffer.  God Bless you all and I am hoping to get my VLOG up tomorrow.  I thank everyone for the patience, love, and support.  M. Hedgcoth, co founder of westcoastmeshfighter.

#tvmwarriorandsurvivor, #westcoastmeshfighter


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