How can Transvaginal Mesh cause so much nerve damage? Which doctor do I listen too.

Multiple Doctor and Guinea pig syndrome:

Hello and good evening/morning to you all.  Thank you for stopping by.  I wanted to apologize for not posting last night, I haven’t been well lately and After finally deciding on the topic of Never Damage, I thought maybe if I write about it, I may get some good information back and we all need each other for support.  I wanted to talk tonight about nerve damage with TVM.  Ever since I went through a procedure call Pelvic Botox, I was told by my urogynocologist doctor at the time that I have pelvic fibromyalgia.  This started the Guinea pig syndrome.  (this is not a medical or legal label) for the pain I am going through everyday. 


I have had done pelvic Botox, injection therapy in my back, pelvic ablation, colonoscopy, pelvic floor physical therapy, lifestyle changes.    I have been to the emergency room excessively to help with pain control, I have had a revisional surgery, along with mesh erosion, also more rectal work done.  Tonight I wanted to help you out by providing a few idea’s to give your intestines a break.  One thing I have learned is that there are serious confusing side effects to TVM. 

I also know that it can be difficult to do things with your body always slowing you down.  Now that the higher ups are finally paying attention, maybe they can tell the doctors that us mesh victims should get whatever care is needed to deal with this, but who am I kidding so I do things at home to spread the word that Transvaginal Mesh Implant are dangerous and shouldn’t be allowed to be on the market and I try to make my digestive system get a break from bad things like soda, sugary things, processed food, etc.  I know there are many things going on but the best thing to do to keep anxiety and emotional health under control.  It’s tough, I know it, but I will try to relax and rest at night so here are some examples of what I drink at night and do before bed to help me get to sleep.

Tvm and lifeWhen I found these free graphics and there is this one that stood out from the rest and it’s the treatments that we should be getting, also each state has a patients rights, if you google it, it will come up for your state.  Lastly tonight ( I am going to have another blog post because there is more). The heating pad shouldn’t be used until it’s been more than an hour and the icy hot is subsiding.  Tonight its really about a night routine that only takes about 5 min, to make tea and have icy hot applied to your pain places, it could give some relief just before bed, that is after a warm shower.  I notice that dealing with the side effects, I feel light headed, like I am going to pass out because I had it majorly hot.  I had to turn down the heat.   

It’s truly ok to say goodbye to any situation that you are not comfortable with, it’s ok to no and not feel gulty, because we know it’s real, we will continue to try to get medical care for long term   I truly hope that the information I provided is helpful to everyone.  Everyday is a challenge for us and we need to keep fighting back.  God bless everyone.  Until next time……

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