Sunday and Small talk living with Transvaginal Mesh

Guardian Angels!! How the  power of prayer can help you while dealing with TVM.

This Sunday I would like to reflect on people in our life and even loved ones that have passed on, who mean so much to me.   I am not trying to promote in any way, but this Journey I am on is so crazy and it’s important how things started, but a lot happened and I don’t want to forget something important that pertains to this blog.  I have always believed in Guardian Angels watching over me and my family.  Religion does play a huge role in my life.  I was raised in two very different religions houses.  I have been reflecting a lot of how things are right now in my life and the changes that come daily living with TVM are more difficult than I could have even imagined.

The first two years after my complications started up, pelvic pain attacks, severe vaginal and rectal pain, migraines, body wide pain, fatigue, etc.  so much every day.  I tried to work and deal with the side effects, but I eventually had to leave my employment due to severe chronic pain, amougst other things.  .  (in a later blog I will be getting into how I coped in the early years with my TVM).

I am really tired for some reason and part of me knows that it could be for any reason, like, stress, financial worries, challenges as a parent/step parent and somehow trying to manage pain that never stops and possible infections.  (In a later blog, I will talk about medications, and how my body reacted to them). I have turned to God many times, for guidance, wisdom to know what to do.  Although I was raised as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Ladder day saints, Mormon, when I was in my 20’s I converted to Catholic and that is where I am in my life.  I truly believe in Guardian Angels, because somehow everything turns out to be ok and I worried over things until the answer presented itself, which is so easy to do.

The guardian angel cathedral, las vegasA guardian angel can be any kind of positive influence, support, devoted love and care for the person it’s protecting.  I truly believe my family continues to be blessed with kindness and love.  I just discovered this beautiful Guardian Angel Cathedral in Las Vegas.  My husband and I were married in Las Vegas and next time we can go, I would love to go and visit this Beautiful, Amazing Cathedral.  Thank you all so much for reading and forgivenes to yourself is necessary to move forward in life.

God Bless you all,   M. Hedgcoth #westcoastmeshfighter, #tvmwarriorandsurvivor, #livingagain,

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