Transvaginal mesh won’t run me any longer!

How having a purpose is leading me to possibilities!

Good evening/morning to you and welcome.  I wanted to talk about time management which is something I have always struggled with, taking on too much and not having enough time to get everything done.  Life is always throwing me curveballs like I am great at dogging them, but I am not at all.  I almost allowed the TVM completely emotionally consume me, not allowing myself a break at all.

When I first started to have side effects, I was so confused about what was happening to me, I had lost all sense of what was going on.  My pain levels can become really unimaginable and I have been hospitalized several times because of the pelvic pain and I think I was having opioid induced constipation, really, really bad.   It’s something I have been researching and want more information on if I can find it.  I have seen commercials on TV about a pill they already have in place to help with it?.  What I don’t understand about that is why would they go and make another pill?.  Yes these questions are mind stoppers for sure and I am really concerned because after my revisional surgery, all my pain became mainly with the rectal side.

I have tried everything you can think of over the last 5 years or so, over the counter medicine, like Metamucil, This orange or grape flavored carbonated drink, for example to rearranging and changing how I eat and drink all together.  (in later blogs I will get into my diet, food, drinks, the works).  All this time I have been dealing with these things which are happening right in front of me and I couldn’t see it,  because I am in so much pain (what has been referred to as a fog state).  I don’t understand how our symptom’s are not being paid attention to, all this is damaging the inside of me and I actually am really concerned that damage wasn’t done to my intestines during this time.  I was really trusting when this all started and I trusted all the information from the various doctors from the emergency room all the way to private doctors.  Having a mesh implant means trial and error I guess, because there is no way anyone could have predicted how bad it could be,  What else I am wondering is why mesh is still on the market???

Don't stop believing in yourself

It’s really hard to manage time, when you have at least 4 or more doctors at one time and no one was talking to each other.  It became really scary to start over with new doctors but I am not giving up on myself, so I have recently (within last year) did just that, and so far everything is great.  I can’t say that everyone really knew what they were doing through this whole journey, as long as my life wasn’t in immediate danger and pain control first and then more home instructions.

(in later blogs, I will be going even more in depth from my different hospital trips, my experiences one on one and also how I am trying to place everything that has happened into a sense of awareness of my current medical status with the purpose of better care for myself and my family.  I know I covered a lot, and I will get back to these important subjects,  there is a lot more if you could believe it.  I have to have someone with me at all times and I really want to get a better understanding so in a future blogs I will definitely let you all know what I found out and will post and link what I can about opioid induced constipation, and updates on what I am doing to deal with living with TVM and it’s complicated side effects.  Thank you for your support and until next time… God bless you!! M. Hedgcoth,  Hugs and blessings

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