How to conquer the life you lost living with TVM.

Hello and Good morning and evening to everyone.   Thank you, readers for taking time out of your day to read my blog posts, I appreciate it so much.  My goal ultimately, that I can make a difference on the  TVM Implant Nightmare, we are all suffering, more and more each day are coming forward and we need that so much.  I have to remind  myself that I can rise above the pain, the limits, and give something back.  I wanted to talk today about lifestyles. and we are viewed in the public eye.  I happen to agree that we are not being heard and sometimes it feels like I am being treated differently because of the downgrading I’ve had to do to survive for my family.

Going from working full time to having to get financial state assistance.  I can’t begin to express my disappointment, sadness, on how things have progressed in my medical care.  I was treated so differently once I really started having pelvic pain attacks and on medical.  I have a lot of mixed feelings, so I will save it for another blog post.  This one is already getting long and I want to stay on topic, but some doctors in the ER was empathic and helped to control my pain, others I had to sit rocking back and forth like I was in labor, this happened @ the ER all the way to my doctors. 


I have so many underlining medical complications because of my mesh implant.   This product was designed to stay in forever, not expecting all the complications that have come with it.  I recently watched the video from one our Mesh Angels and the senator speaking on behalf of mesh patients, he explained every single one of my side effects amongst some serious side effects and even gave a time table for those of us who still have some in our bodies.  I don’t want to think about that, so I have tossed the time frame aside and I care more about what it’s done to hundreds and thousands of patients world wide.  I would love to travel and meet as many of you all as I can and just have another person who understands the pain and suffering I go through every day, can’t do anything about it, so I am going to live life to the fullest as best as I can.

I really felt happy that there is someone out their fighting for them as well as several other countries.  I truly hope that we can all ban together to fight to get rid of mesh implants, take them off the market.  This is how we can conquer the Mesh implant. They are dangerous and have killed patients, permanently damaged them physical, emotionally and I know about the mental state of mind. 

Right now, I am really focused on getting healthy, I did mention in a previous post, my eating lifestyle has to completely change,  My body is fighting off what is going on and I am fatigued all the time.  I have them, nothing major but enough to make a difference for my health.  Everyday we get is a new day with no mistakes.  Get back up and fight back, as patients we deserve justice and from what I can see, these court things, I really don’t want to say too much about that because it isn’t very nice, but honestly, I bet the heads of hospitals all around the county, and now around the world are pissed because now it is our only option if our doctor isn’t available to treat us and ER doc’s may not be able to treat our issues, just band aid it, and that is also if you were able to get a urogynocologist, doctor that can help, we should all be taken care of medically for life.  I didn’t ask for this pain, horrible amounts of pain and I know you all didn’t either.  One day at a time….cont. after graphic below


I know we are struggling every day, we need to be heard and we need medical and financial support and with summer coming, mean heat waves and the weather affects me a lot.  I have been having a rough couple of days, with pelvic pain and it started raining, so I am blogging you all from my bed,  however I want to still stick to one blog post a day in the evening (early morning lol).  Pain can’t seem to leave me.. looks to be another long night, however I am happy to answer questions, take suggestions on home care or anything you want to ask.  I would like to find someone here in CA that is up to date on our care and options.  I wish everyone a wonderful Wednesday, God bless you all and until next time.. stay positive and I can be reached now on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, and G+, feel free to stop by and say hello I will continue to post mesh related news as I get them.  Thank you all for your support..  Hugs and love to you all!!!  Mrs. Michelle Hedgcoth,  founder of westcoastmeshfighter. 

We are stronger together.  Stand up against mesh:  #westcoastmeshfighter, #livingagain.

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