Sunday and Small Talk, it’s alright to take care of myself, Mesh can’t stop me.

Transvaginal Mesh = a living nightmare,

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Hello and good morning /or evening and any new readers, I welcome you to my page.  Today being Sunday, I tend to relax, meaning, I am not getting up and doing anything that could potentially hurt me.  In this blog posting, I wanted to concentrate of relationships and I am not talking about a relationship with a partner, but on the emotional connections we tend to have with each other.

There are few people that I would consider a close friend, someone who has been through thick and thin when ever possible.  Understanding that we all have our own lives, I wanted to focus on Ladies I consider a friend.  My definition of friend, is someone who would be there no matter what and I can honestly say I don’t have many friends because trust is such a strong emotional state, trust, honesty, integrity, and above all, loyalty.  These qualities in a friend should matter.  I have seen how people who call themselves a friend, shouldn’t and wouldn’t steal from you, lie to you, try to meddle in your life.  Qualities of a friend are rare, genuine, and true.  I love my girlfriends like sisters, I have two sister’s and cousins that I would say are brothers and sister, we are a close family.  Its tough dealing with this nightmare called mesh, I just read today that Australia is calling the mesh implants one of the biggest medical scandals of all time,, and it’s world wide.  I read another blog

Today I had two low grad pelvic pain attacks, It took me using the bathroom for a while, my stomach hurts.  When you have an auto immune condition that counter acts with my diet, medicine, I had to make serious changes and avoid certain foods.  No more dairy, everything gluten free and organic. Watch my greens, but  it’s hard to separate myself and make special food that only I can eat. I am concentrating on my own health, everyday I feel even weaker.  I try to avoid anything that may upset my stomach.

I am going to start a video blog about the food I have tried vs food I haven’t.  Transvaginal mesh has stolen and taken over and nothing can be.  ,I seriously wouldn’t recommend what Is much that It not do I doing, well not anymore, now it’s going to be on my terms.

Every week is a challenge, I know what I need to do, it’s getting it done.  Even though I can’t get to

One thought on “Sunday and Small Talk, it’s alright to take care of myself, Mesh can’t stop me.

  1. I’m a big proponent of taking care of oneself. Do what you can and then just let it all go. Thanks for the love on my blog and blessing to you, beautiful.

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