How having an Emotional Support Animal can help with TVM side effects, Depression, Anxiety, and Loneliness.

Introducing my Emotional Support Animal, Romeo

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Hello everyone, good evening or good morning to you.  I thought since it’s Friday later today, I didn’t want to get into the heavy tonight.  I do have a ESA and honestly I didn’t know anything about registering dogs, or even thought I would have one.  I also have a Siamese cat, named Sassy.  When my husband and I blended our families, he had a pit-bull, named Excalibur. I grew up with the idea that Pitt-bulls are mean dogs, however after spending time with him, I am his mom and Romeo and Excalibur are best buds.  In turn I have 3 ESA’s, Romeo is 4 years old and he was a gift specifically because of my medical conditions. 

  I have found that spending one on one time with my animals is extremely relaxing.  I love laying down, watching a movie and having my doggies right there with me.  My cat lives in the living room, which she decided that.  She went from being indoor/outdoor she is over 10 years old, to just indoor and she hunts for mice and has caught a couple in our kitchen.  We don’t actually live in an upscale neighborhood, however we have a really nice home.  I have developed social anxiety disorder, dealing with everything, now I really don’t like going anywhere and if I do, it’s just to run a few errands with a family member, or doctor appointments. Lately, it’s been really awful feeling like the way an anxiety attack feels.  I had several anxiety attacks just this week and my dogs, relaxing music, and quiet is really calming. 

I looked up some animal information for Stockton, CA and I didn’t know this however they have a doggie park, I am really excited to take our dogs when we can.  I am really new to blogging , so I will list it here until I can figure out how to attach the link.  I will figure this out for sure, however I found two dog parks here in Stockton, one is the Spanos/Trinity dog park,  and Barkleyville dog park.  Honestly, I didn’t even think I would own such an amazing, characteristic personality, they are part of our family.  I can tell you that I never knew the love of an animal, until I got Sassy(Cat), then Romeo and now Excalibur.  Everyday, I am blessed to have them.  I will try and post Doggy into here in my area.  One things I can post is I have had my animals for years, 9 years old  for my Pitt-bull, Excalibur. 

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I plan on going to get into more  and details in later posts, however it’s important you register your EAS and get prescription from your doctor.  I was able to register all my animals for free, I googled it online and if you need a document, they have really cool kits for EAS.  I believe I only have my animals because I moved into my place 2 years ago, with them all.  So a couple years later, my landlord was worried about the homeowner’s insurance and as the owner of my animals, I am responsible for them.  I immediately spoke with my medical professional and because I have had them for so long, and my Pomeranian since he was 8 weeks, and my disability is both physical and mental, a letter was addressed for my landlord and because we haven’t any complaints, it seems for now everything is fine. 

If you suffer any type of mental for physical disabilities and handle the responsibility that comes with an EAS, I encourage it.  I hope this information was helpful and I will research more things (doggy) stuff here in my area.  My dogs get excited, we are going just around the block or a pet store. God bless you and God Bless Emotional Support Animals, they are gifts for comfort and mental healing.  I wish everyone a wonderful Friday! 

Mrs. M Hedgcoth, Excalibur, Romeo, and Sassy

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