Transvaginal Mesh and Anxiety!

Anxiety challenges: repost

Good evening /morning everyone.  I definitely want to talk about this mental disability because it could be constituted as an underling condition to depression, as a result of having a Transvaginal Mesh surgery that disabled me  and changed my life and the life of my family from what once was a very controllable and fulfilling  life.  TVM has taken all that away, my confidence, my trusted ability to go out in public, most importantly, I knew I could depend on myself, that I had, but not anymore. 

I wanted to just briefly talk about this mental condition tonight  because I have had high’s and low’s dealing with TVM.  They just come out of nowhere and it can take over everything you know and destroy it.  Depending on what you are struggling with, it can take over your life if you let it.  I honestly didn’t know about how bad my anxiety had come to until I started to emerge out of a depressive state of mind and fight back.  I can guarantee this isn’t going to be easy to deal with, but now I am researching different ways to distress and calm down.  Most of the time, my triggers come from life challenges that are out of my control.  Before I had my TVM, I had a very stable life.  Job, house, new car ( I had it all).  Hanging in the balance, I tried for almost 2 years to work fulltime and deal with mesh erosion, abdominal pelvic pain attacks, sending to the hospital, sometimes more than 2 or 3 attacks a month.  I was so overwhelmed because every time I went to the hospital they would run emergency tests and nothing could be found.  I felt like I was beginning to get stereo typed by the doctors and the hospital.  Because they couldn’t find anything emergency related wrong with me, the hospital would just treat my pain, and then release me to go home.  In future posts I will touch on diet, physical therapy, pain management and more.  I know eating and exercise is a must, however all my favorite things to eat had to be adjusted, so far, it’s taken deep breathing, quiet room, depending on time of day, could have hot tea (calming tea’s), low mellow music for relaxing, just take away any stress that can contribute for that day.  I know I will be blogging about this more in future posts but I wanted to share this because anxiety attacks can have you thinking one way, when in fact it’s not the case.  This can be anything from a unexpected bill to incidences generally life changing.Fun Photo Effect 20170525 5db65f2f0c5005db479f0267d16f90476aa3e591

Sometimes we can’t always slow down or stop them, which has caused me to evaluate the topic or situation that may be contributing to the anxiety attack and try to face it head on.  It’s a really difficult thing to do, but I am continuing to try.  I have developed social anxiety disorder and still struggle with depression, I am sure a part of me always will.  I welcome comments and suggestions on what I can do to help lower or make them go away.  Thank u for reading, God bless Mesh Angels.   Mrs. M Hedgcoth, westcoastmeshfighter

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