The power of change, sacrifice, and new dreams of a future living with Transvaginal mesh.

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Say it isn’t so…

Good Evening/Morning to you all.  I just wanted to touch base a little bit on sacrifice and why I fear changes.  For those of us who are living the Mesh Nightmare, you all can relate, I am sure, to chronic pelvic pain.  For me, it attacks randomly in the lower right abdomen and shot’s down my right leg.  In the worst amount of pain, it goes all over my abdominal area, down both legs and I also deal with pain in all the area including my lower back.  For the lonest time I had no idea what was causing this pain.

Several things factor into this and I definitely will get into more detail as I blog, however the one thing I wanted to talk about tonight is the sacrifice.  Giving up things you would never dream would be a problem.  For me, I am now dealing with a full auto immune disorder and finding food and drinks that are not evasive to the intestines is key now.  NO more pizza, grilled cheese, anything with cheese or dairy products.  I now have to drink lactaid milk, all carbonated drinks are gone, I mostly eat gluten free, lactose free, organic food and drinks, I have found that through trial and error, I mostly stick to a simple diet plan and I want to discuss this further in another blog session.  I am going to try it out this weekend and do a quick and easy suggestion blog on what I have found to be easy on the system and what to watch out for.  Everyone of us is different, so don’t beat yourself up for cheating and eating or drinking something you know will upset your digestive system.  I am also n two prescribed medications for indigestion.  I love trying different things out, I actually have made it into a challenge, how many different foods can I try for the first time because of my new lifestyle plan.  (TIP), I get dried packaged fruit, like prunes, raisins, apricots are especially good for unplugging things and helping your digestion, just eat them in moderations, it’s a natural laxative.

You don’t have to give up everything, because I wasn’t giving up my coffee, (caffeine), and decaf just doesn’t do it for me.  I have been drinking coffee since I was a young teenager, it actually could give me bad headaches, so I agreed to cut back my intake and now I have maybe 2-3 4oz cups a day, compared to all day everyday, it was hard to do this, but thankfully the creamers I can get lactose free with flavors, like French vanilla.  Adjustments are always hard, but even making some simple changes can make the pain a lot easier to deal with.  Change is hard, but thankfully we don’t always have to completely sacrifice our favorite food and drinks.  Have some fun with new recipes and  enjoy sampling the amazing food outcomes.  Thank you for reading and happy cooking from westcoastmeshfighter.



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