Things your body won’t tell you living with TVM.

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Good evening, or shall I say morning!!  Now yesterday, after a lot of reading and some research I was surprised to see that even now, nothing really for healthcare options for patients who still have to live with a TVM in their body.  My mesh has the polypropylene plastic, which may break into pieces and then grow into your internal organs, some vital.  So many stories I am reading not just here in the US , but also around the world that the patients are in the 100’s of thousands suffering from mesh implants gone wrong, causing very serious lifetime side effects, some underlining each other.  In a later post, I will come back to what that means.

Reflection afterthought:

After being awake until the early morning the night before last, I thought I could plan how much research, posting, and answering emails,patient posts, and posting to other Mesh angels.  I see that I can’t plan right now, it’s too new, so scheduling has to rely on how I am doing.  To start living with new limits so I don’t hurt myself.  I currently am trying to live with constant chronic pain and I needed to look  at myself in the mirror and say “You are going to get through this”, ” you are worth it”, “I love you”.  I really think loving yourself is one of the hardest things to master, especially because the people around you can be mean trolls.  Honestly, your life becomes so much better when you let go of toxic people, situations that are not comfortable, and people who don’t support you, emotional support is essential because you are dealing with so many emotions just dealing with Mesh Related Side effects.  I know in later posts I will be discussing how mental illness is a real thing and important to the mesh patients who are now suffering , with TVM complications.  Looking in the mirror and encouraging myself, I am starting to see life differently.  A deeper appreciation of what was.. and I can’t guarantee this will work, but at least your living being honest with yourself.  God bless you all mesh warriors.  Thank you and stay positive until next time..

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