Finding Purpose living with Trans Vaginal Mesh

It’s the end of another weekend, as I start to prepare for this week.  Doctor appointments, phone calls, it seems to never end.  I have found by the middle of the week, the anxiety sets in.  What seems so simple, is so overwhelming.  Why?  I haven’t any clue, part of living with my TVM, I have discovered that random anxiety attacks come with the long list of underling side effects.  I know that things changed from the moment I had the first doctor appointment, when my doctor told me that stiches never dissolved and had been inside the vaginal wall for about 1 1/2 years.  I felt, in that moment, confusion, embarrassment, panic, how is this possible?

Just like any patient, I trusted my doctor to fix this, or so I thought.  What happens next is a very emotional journey, where life as I knew it was going to change.  I am no expert, however I have found, listening music (what calms u, makes you happy ), heating pads, ice packs, laying in a contour position, taking medication, rest, can help in dealing with the constant pain I go through every day.  Trying to find my purpose really had to do with myself.  How I saw myself, both before and after the complications started.  One of my biggest decisions was to share my story, and I did.

As I blog daily, hopeful I can find a way to implicate my past experiences into current ones that can uplift and help patients rise above the current complications associated with Transvaginal Mesh.  It’s a painful, emotional, lonely at times, journey and support, conversations, definitely needs to be discussed.  Having a cup of tea and getting ready for my heating pad, going to try and sleep tonight.  God Bless you all and until next time, don’t give up on yourself,  you are stronger than you all know and I hope over time, I can encourage a positive, Healthy, lifestyle that can give you everything you want even though u can’t get a removal surgery.  Fun Photo Effect 20170522 c67ec2d1f2a4287abad5d073aaff0f6fa1264bc3

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