Coffee Break for Writers,

Hello everyone,

I have never been a writer, but I have always wanted to.  After about 5 plus years of darkness, I have emerged a different person.    As I am sitting here listening to Tina Turner, what’s love got to do with it, drinking an amazing cup of coffee and smoking a cigarette.  I think to myself “can I approach writing the same way as the song I am listening to?, in thought, love has everything to do with why I am starting this blog and then again, no love at all.  I think to myself… How can I address the public on a very turbulent private journey in my life, and in the spirit of helping others.

I have been silently coping for the last almost 6 years, 7 1/2 since the surgery.  Now, I know there are thousands of us out there possibly feeling the same way.   In this afterthoughtFun Photo Effect 20170518 5da5107d2dda02ff23ab21b3e0984365b41d4760, because I can’t possibly put them all on one post, I am not even close to writing a memoir yet, but seeing as this medical subject isn’t being talked about enough, I want to courageously, compassionately, and honestly with empathy to the many patients, family members and friends, help deal with, and attempt to cope with severe chronic debilitating pain and suffering from the underlining side effects of a Transvaginal Mesh Implant to attempt to fix POP, Pelvic Organ Prolapse.

I have been through, what I would call an awful way to live, pain everyday without interruption unless I am sleeping and this is the only time I don’t feel pain.  Before my surgery, I was a normal person, working full time, full time wife and mother, and had a social life, on top of the world.  That all seems amazing right?  When you think to yourself, it can’t happen to you, nah, well guess what, it can happen to anyone who had this procedure done.  I would rather we help each other.  Emotional support is just as important as the physical limits.

Until I do more research on disclosures etc.. I will not be naming the manufacturer or mesh kit type.  I can tell you, I have already been through the manufacturer settlement process.  (other subjects can be discussed in later blog posts).  I think tonight, hot tea, heating pad and a good movie is in order.  Please comment and feel free to ask me anything you like, I will do my best to respond promptly.  To my mesh family and friends, good night, thank you for reading.  Hugs and God Bless you.  Mrs. M. Hedgcoth.

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